Dr.Sai Sailesh Kumar G
Dr.Sai Sailesh Kumar G
Head of Department (I/C), Department of Physiology, Vishnu Dental College
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Controlled vestibular stimulation: A physiological method of stress relief
KS Sailesh, R Archana
Journal of clinical and diagnostic research: JCDR 8 (12), BM01, 2014
Short Communication Controlled Vestibular Stimulation, Standardization Of A Physiological Method To Release Stress In College Students
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You are never too old to swing
KS Sailesh, R Archana, NJ Antony, JK Mukkadan
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MJK Kumar Sai sailesh
Health Sciences 2 (3), 2013
Vestibular modulation of endocrine secretions–A review
KS Sailesh, JK Mukkadan
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Thinking with your sixth sense
KS Sailesh, R Archana, JK Mukkadan
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences 5 (4 …, 2014
Isolation and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of Escherichia coli from urinary tract infections in a tertiary care hospital of North Eastern Karnataka
SR Kulkarni, BV Peerapur, KS Sailesh
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Psychoneuroimmuno modulation by controlled vestibular stimulation
JKM Kumar Sai Sailesh
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Neuroanatomical changes in Parkinson's disease in relation to cognition: an update
KG Prakash, BM Bannur, MD Chavan, K Saniya, KS Sailesh, ...
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Depression, anxiety and stress among first year undergraduate medical students
PP Roy, KS Sailesh, MA Doshi
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KS Sailesh, R Archana, NJ Antony, JK Mukkadan
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Vestibular balance of food intake
KS Sailesh
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Cancer pain relief by vestibular stimulation–A hypothesis
KS Sailesh, G Jissa, JK Mukkadan
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Controlled Vestibular Stimulation: a novel treatment for insomnia
KS Sailesh, J Mukkadan
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Understanding the links between vestibular and limbic systems regulating emotions
A Rajagopalan, KV Jinu, KS Sailesh, S Mishra, UK Reddy, JK Mukkadan
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Effect of vestibular stimulation on stress and cardiovascular parameters in healthy college students
R Archana, KS Sailesh, JK Mukkadan
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Impact of traditional vestibular stimulation on depression, anxiety and stress in college students.
KS Sailesh, R Archana, JK Mukkadan
Biomedical Research, 2016
A study on anti hyper lipidemic effect of oral administration of cardamom in Wistar albino rats
KS Sailesh, MJK Divya
Narayana Med J 2, 31-9, 2013
Effect of controlled vestibular stimulation on depression, spatial and verbal memory scores in underweight female students-A pilot study.
KS Sailesh, R Archana, A Sajeevan, JK Mukkadan
Biomedical Research, 2016
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