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Immobilization of protein-coated drug nanoparticles in nanofibrillar cellulose matrices—Enhanced stability and release
H Valo, M Kovalainen, P Laaksonen, M Häkkinen, S Auriola, L Peltonen, ...
Journal of controlled release 156 (3), 390-397, 2011
In vivo delivery of a peptide, ghrelin antagonist, with mesoporous silicon microparticles
M Kilpeläinen, J Riikonen, MA Vlasova, A Huotari, VP Lehto, J Salonen, ...
Journal of Controlled Release 137 (2), 166-170, 2009
Distinct effects of calorie restriction and resveratrol on diet-induced obesity and fatty liver formation
E Tauriainen, M Luostarinen, E Martonen, P Finckenberg, M Kovalainen, ...
Journal of nutrition and metabolism 2011, 2011
Mesoporous silicon (PSi) for sustained peptide delivery: effect of PSi microparticle surface chemistry on peptide YY3-36 release
M Kovalainen, J Mönkäre, E Mäkilä, J Salonen, VP Lehto, KH Herzig, ...
Pharmaceutical research 29 (3), 837-846, 2012
Effect of isotonic solutions and peptide adsorption on zeta potential of porous silicon nanoparticle drug delivery formulations
M Kaasalainen, E Mäkilä, J Riikonen, M Kovalainen, K Järvinen, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 431 (1-2), 230-236, 2012
Nanocrystal-based per-oral itraconazole delivery: Superior in vitro dissolution enhancement versus Sporanox® is not realized in in vivo drug absorption
A Sarnes, M Kovalainen, MR Häkkinen, T Laaksonen, J Laru, J Kiesvaara, ...
Journal of Controlled release 180, 109-116, 2014
Nanostructured porous silicon microparticles enable sustained peptide (Melanotan II) delivery
M Kilpeläinen, J Mönkäre, MA Vlasova, J Riikonen, VP Lehto, J Salonen, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 77 (1), 20-25, 2011
Novel delivery systems for improving the clinical use of peptides
M Kovalainen, J Mönkäre, J Riikonen, U Pesonen, M Vlasova, J Salonen, ...
Pharmacological reviews 67 (3), 541-561, 2015
The effects of group and single housing and automated animal monitoring on urinary corticosterone levels in male C57 BL/6 mice
R Kamakura, M Kovalainen, J Leppäluoto, KH Herzig, KA Mäkelä
Physiological reports 4 (3), e12703, 2016
Development of porous silicon nanocarriers for parenteral peptide delivery
M Kovalainen, J Monkare, M Kaasalainen, J Riikonen, VP Lehto, ...
Molecular Pharmaceutics 10 (1), 353-359, 2013
Fat mass-and obesity-associated gene Fto affects the dietary response in mouse white adipose tissue
J Ronkainen, TJ Huusko, R Soininen, E Mondini, F Cinti, KA Mäkelä, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-8, 2015
Systematic in vitro and in vivo study on porous silicon to improve the oral bioavailability of celecoxib
J Riikonen, A Correia, M Kovalainen, S Näkki, M Lehtonen, J Leppänen, ...
Biomaterials 52, 44-55, 2015
Effect of surface chemistry of porous silicon microparticles on glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) loading, release and biological activity
A Huotari, W Xu, J Mönkäre, M Kovalainen, KH Herzig, VP Lehto, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 454 (1), 67-73, 2013
Neuropeptide Y in the noradrenergic neurones induces obesity and inhibits sympathetic tone in mice
LH Vähätalo, ST Ruohonen, S Mäkelä, M Kovalainen, A Huotari, ...
Acta physiologica 213 (4), 902-919, 2015
Biocompatible photocrosslinked poly (ester anhydride) based on functionalized poly (ε-caprolactone) prepolymer shows surface erosion controlled drug release in vitro and in vivo
J Mönkäre, RA Hakala, MA Vlasova, A Huotari, M Kilpeläinen, A Kiviniemi, ...
Journal of controlled release 146 (3), 349-355, 2010
Photocrosslinked poly (ester anhydride) s for peptide delivery: Effect of oligomer hydrophobicity on PYY3-36 delivery
J Mönkäre, RA Hakala, M Kovalainen, H Korhonen, KH Herzig, ...
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics 80 (1), 33-38, 2012
Supersaturated silica-lipid hybrid Oral drug delivery systems: Balancing drug loading and in vivo performance
HB Schultz, M Kovalainen, KF Peressin, N Thomas, CA Prestidge
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 370 (3), 742-750, 2019
Nanocarriers and the delivered drug: Effect interference due to intravenous administration
MA Vlasova, J Rytkönen, J Riikonen, OS Tarasova, J Mönkäre, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 63, 96-102, 2014
Spray dried smectite clay particles as a novel treatment against obesity
TJ Dening, P Joyce, M Kovalainen, H Gustafsson, CA Prestidge
Pharmaceutical Research 36 (1), 1-14, 2019
Biodegradation of inorganic drug delivery systems in subcutaneous conditions
M Kovalainen, R Kamakura, J Riikonen, M Finnilä, T Nissinen, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 122, 113-125, 2018
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