Schulzgen, A*
Schulzgen, A*
CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida
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Ultra-high-density spatial division multiplexing with a few-mode multicore fibre
RGH Van Uden, RA Correa, EA Lopez, FM Huijskens, C Xia, G Li, ...
Nature Photonics 8 (11), 865-870, 2014
Direct observation of excitonic Rabi oscillations in semiconductors
A Schülzgen, R Binder, ME Donovan, M Lindberg, K Wundke, HM Gibbs, ...
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PbS quantum-dot-doped glasses for ultrashort-pulse generation
K Wundke, S Pötting, J Auxier, A Schülzgen, N Peyghambarian, ...
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Multicore fiber sensor for high-temperature applications up to 1000° C
JE Antonio-Lopez, ZS Eznaveh, P LiKamWa, A Schülzgen, ...
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L Li, A Schülzgen, S Chen, VL Temyanko, JV Moloney, N Peyghambarian
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Whispering-gallery-mode microring laser using a conjugated polymer
Y Kawabe, C Spiegelberg, A Schülzgen, MF Nabor, B Kippelen, EA Mash, ...
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Generation of 9.3-W multimode and 4-W single-mode output from 7-cm short fiber lasers
T Qiu, L Li, A Schulzgen, VL Temyanko, T Luo, S Jiang, A Mafi, ...
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Femtosecond pulsed laser micromachining of glass substrates with application to microfluidic devices
MS Giridhar, K Seong, A Schülzgen, P Khulbe, N Peyghambarian, ...
Applied optics 43 (23), 4584-4589, 2004
Compact fiber-optic curvature sensor based on super-mode interference in a seven-core fiber
G Salceda-Delgado, A Van Newkirk, JE Antonio-Lopez, A Martinez-Rios, ...
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Generation of watt-level single-longitudinal-mode output from cladding-pumped short fiber lasers
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Optics letters 30 (20), 2748-2750, 2005
Effect of alkali metal oxides R2O (R= Li, Na, K, Rb and Cs) and network intermediate MO (M= Zn, Mg, Ba and Pb) in tellurite glasses
H Desirena, A Schülzgen, S Sabet, G Ramos-Ortiz, E De la Rosa, ...
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L Li, M Morrell, T Qiu, VL Temyanko, A Schülzgen, A Mafi, D Kouznetsov, ...
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Ultrasensitive vector bending sensor based on multicore optical fiber
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Strong Bragg gratings in phosphate glass single mode fiber
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ME Donovan, A Schülzgen, J Lee, PA Blanche, N Peyghambarian, ...
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Near diffraction-limited laser emission from a polymer in a high finesse planar cavity
A Schülzgen, C Spiegelberg, MM Morrell, SB Mendes, B Kippelen, ...
Applied Physics Letters 72 (3), 269-271, 1998
Low-loss coupling between two single-mode optical fibers with different mode-field diameters using a graded-index multimode optical fiber
A Mafi, P Hofmann, CJ Salvin, A Schülzgen
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Detailed investigation of self-imaging in largecore multimode optical fibers for application in fiber lasers and amplifiers
X Zhu, A Schülzgen, H Li, L Li, L Han, JV Moloney, N Peyghambarian
Optics Express 16 (21), 16632-16645, 2008
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