A. B. Mutiara
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Design of microstrip antenna for wireless communication at 2.4 GHz
AB Mutiara, R Refianti
Designing and manufacturing microstrip antenna for wireless communication at 2.4 GHz
AI Rachmansyah, AB Mutiara
International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering 3 (5), 670-675, 2011
Testing implementasi website rekam medis elektronik opeltgunasys dengan metode acceptance testing
AB Mutiara, R Awaludin, A Muslim, T Oswari
Prosiding KOMMIT, 2014
Classification of melanoma skin cancer using convolutional neural network
R Refianti, AB Mutiara, RP Priyandini
International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications 10 (3), 2019
Prototype of water level detection system with wireless
S Jatmiko, AB Mutiara, M Indriati
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology 37 (1), 2012
Performance evaluation of affinity propagation approaches on data clustering
R Refianti, AB Mutiara, AA Syamsudduha
International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications 7 (3), 2016
File encryption and hiding application based on advanced encryption standard (AES) and append insertion steganography method
GC Prasetyadi, AB Mutiara, R Refianti
2017 Second International Conference on Informatics and Computing (ICIC), 1-5, 2017
Critical temperature T c and memory kernel in molecular-dynamics-simulated glass-forming Ni 0.2 Zr 0.8
AB Mutiara, H Teichler
Physical Review E 64 (4), 046133, 2001
Analyzing COBIT 5 IT Audit Framework Implementation using AHP Methodology
AB Mutiara, E Prasetyo, C Widya
JOIV: International Journal on Informatics Visualization 1 (2), 33-39, 2017
Deep learning long-short term memory (LSTM) for Indonesian speech digit recognition using LPC and MFCC Feature
ER Swedia, AB Mutiara, M Subali
2018 Third International Conference on Informatics and Computing (ICIC), 1-5, 2018
Similarity analysis of motion based on motion capture technology
E Hegarini, AB Mutiara, A Suhendra, M Iqbal, BA Wardijono
2016 International Conference on Informatics and Computing (ICIC), 389-393, 2016
Performance analysis on molecular dynamics simulation of protein using GROMACS
AD Astuti, AB Mutiara
arXiv preprint arXiv:0912.0893, 2009
Classification of land cover from Sentinel-2 imagery using supervised classification technique (preliminary study)
E Miranda, AB Mutiara, WC Wibowo
2018 International Conference on Information Management and Technology…, 2018
Time complexity comparison between affinity propagation algorithms.
R Refianti, AB Mutiara, S Gunawan
Journal of Theoretical & Applied Information Technology 95 (7), 2017
Comparison of accuracy between convolutional neural networks and Nave Bayes Classifiers in sentiment analysis on Twitter
POA Sunarya, R Refianti, AB Mutiara, W Octaviani
International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications 10 (5), 2019
A model of openehr based electronic medical record in indonesia
AB Mutiara, A Muslim, T Oswari, RA Miharja
arXiv preprint arXiv:1212.6296, 2012
Musical Genre Classification Using SVM and Audio Features
AB Mutiara, R Refianti, NRA Mukarromah
TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control) 14 (3…, 2016
Anti Plagiarism Application with Algorithm Karp-Rabin at Thesis in Gunadarma University
AB Mutiara, S Agustina
arXiv preprint arXiv:0811.4349, 2008
Developing a SAAS-cloud integrated development environment (IDE) for C, C++, and Java
AB Mutiara, R Refianti, BA Witono
arXiv preprint arXiv:1411.5161, 2014
Simulation of Grover algorithm Quantum search in a Classical Computer
AB Mutibara, R Refianti
International Journal of computer Scince and Information security 8 (9), 2010
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