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A review of missing values handling methods on time-series data
I Pratama, AE Permanasari, I Ardiyanto, R Indrayani
2016 international conference on information technology systems and …, 2016
A review on driver drowsiness based on image, bio-signal, and driver behavior
BG Pratama, I Ardiyanto, TB Adji
2017 3rd International Conference on Science and Technology-Computer (ICST …, 2017
Real-time navigation using randomized kinodynamic planning with arrival time field
I Ardiyanto, J Miura
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 60 (12), 1579-1591, 2012
A review of optimization method in face recognition: Comparison deep learning and non-deep learning methods
S Setiowati, EL Franita, I Ardiyanto
2017 9th International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical …, 2017
Deep learning-based diabetic retinopathy assessment on embedded system
I Ardiyanto, HA Nugroho, RLB Buana
2017 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2017
Computer aided diagnosis for thyroid cancer system based on internal and external characteristics
HA Nugroho, EL Frannita, I Ardiyanto, L Choridah
Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences 33 (3 …, 2021
Light sport exercise detection based on smartwatch and smartphone using k-Nearest Neighbor and Dynamic Time Warping algorithm
F Nurwanto, I Ardiyanto, S Wibirama
2016 8th International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical …, 2016
Rule extraction for fuzzy expert system to diagnose coronary artery disease
WM Baihaqi, NA Setiawan, I Ardiyanto
2016 1st International Conference on Information Technology, Information …, 2016
Partial least squares-based human upper body orientation estimation with combined detection and tracking
I Ardiyanto, J Miura
Image and Vision Computing 32 (11), 904-915, 2014
Robust pupil tracking algorithm based on ellipse fitting
T Satriya, S Wibirama, I Ardiyanto
2016 International Symposium on Electronics and Smart Devices (ISESD), 253-257, 2016
Texture analysis for classification of thyroid ultrasound images
HA Nugroho, M Rahmawaty, Y Triyani, I Ardiyanto
2016 International Electronics Symposium (IES), 476-480, 2016
Geolocation prediction in social media data using text analysis: A review
MNY Utomo, TB Adji, I Ardiyanto
2018 International Conference on Information and Communications Technology …, 2018
Classification of breast ultrasound images based on texture analysis
M Rahmawaty, HA Nugroho, Y Triyani, I Ardiyanto, I Soesanti
2016 1st International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (IBIOMED), 1-6, 2016
A novel of repulsive function on artificial potential field for robot path planning
HH Triharminto, O Wahyunggoro, TB Adji, AI Cahyadi, I Ardiyanto
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 6 (6), 3262, 2016
Automated detection of breast cancer lesions using adaptive thresholding and morphological operation
M Sahar, HA Nugroho, I Ardiyanto, L Choridah
2016 International Conference on Information Technology Systems and …, 2016
Text classification to detect student level of understanding in prior knowledge activation process
FA Wenando, TB Adji, I Ardiyanto
Advanced Science Letters 23 (3), 2285-2287, 2017
Visibility-based viewpoint planning for guard robot using skeletonization and geodesic motion model
I Ardiyanto, J Miura
2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 660-666, 2013
Task oriented behavior-based state-adaptive pid (proportional integral derivative) control for low-cost mobile robot
I Ardiyanto
2010 Second International Conference on Computer Engineering and …, 2010
Segmentation of retinal blood vessels for detection of diabetic retinopathy: A review
RA Aras, T Lestari, HA Nugroho, I Ardiyanto
Communications in Science and Technology 1 (1), 2016
Indonesian sentiment analysis: An experimental study of four kernel functions on SVM algorithm with TF-IDF
PH Prastyo, I Ardiyanto, R Hidayat
2020 International Conference on Data Analytics for Business and Industry …, 2020
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