Kerry A. Cobb
Kerry A. Cobb
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The amphibians and reptiles of Mindanao Island, southern Philippines, II: the herpetofauna of northeast Mindanao and adjacent islands
MB Sanguila, KA Cobb, CD Siler, AC Diesmos, AC Alcala, RM Brown
ZooKeys, 1, 2016
Critically endangered island endemic or peripheral population of a widespread species? Conservation genetics of K ikuchi's gecko and the global challenge of protecting …
CD Siler, JR Oaks, K Cobb, H Ota, RM Brown
Diversity and distributions 20 (7), 756-772, 2014
Marginal likelihoods in phylogenetics: a review of methods and applications
J R Oaks, K A Cobb, V N Minin, A D Leaché
Systematic biology 68 (5), 681-697, 2019
Taxonomic revision of the semi-aquatic skink Parvoscincus leucospilos (Reptilia: Squamata: Scincidae), with description of three new species
CD Siler, CW Linkem, K Cobb, JL Watters, ST Cummings, AC Diesmos, ...
Zootaxa 3847 (3), 388-412, 2014
FrogCap: A modular sequence capture probe set for phylogenomics and population genetics for all frogs, assessed across multiple phylogenetic scales
CR Hutter, KA Cobb, D Portik, SL Travers, PL Wood, RM Brown
bioRxiv, 825307, 2019
A new species of bright-eyed treefrog (Mantellidae) from Madagascar, with comments on call evolution and patterns of syntopy in the Boophis ankaratra complex
CR Hutter, SM Lambert, KA Cobb, ZF Andriampenomanana, M Vences
Zootaxa 4034 (3), 531-555, 2015
Insights from a general, full-likelihood Bayesian approach to inferring shared evolutionary events from genomic data: Inferring shared demographic events is challenging
JR Oaks, N L’Bahy, KA Cobb
BioRxiv, 679878, 2019
The smallest ‘true chameleon’from Madagascar: a new, distinctly colored species of the Calumma boettgeri complex (Squamata, Chamaeleonidae)
D Prötzel, SM Lambert, GT Andrianasolo, CR Hutter, KA Cobb, ...
Zoosystematics and Evolution 94, 409, 2018
Geographic basis of genetic variation in Platymantis corrugatus
KA Cobb
University of Kansas, 2016
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