Zaied Bin Khalid
Zaied Bin Khalid
Doctoral Researcher (Environmental Engineering), University of Wollongong, Australia
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A comprehensive review on contaminants removal from pharmaceutical wastewater by electrocoagulation process
BK Zaied, M Rashid, M Nasrullah, AW Zularisam, D Pant, L Singh
Science of The Total Environment, 138095, 2020
A critical review of state-of-the-art electrocoagulation technique applied to COD-rich industrial wastewaters
M Mousazadeh, EK Niaragh, M Usman, SU Khan, MA Sandoval, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28 (32), 43143-43172, 2021
Biochar application as sustainable precursors for enhanced anaerobic digestion: A systematic review
ZB Khalid, MNI Siddique, A Nayeem, TM Adyel, SB Ismail, MZ Ibrahim
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Application of solar assisted bioreactor for biogas production from palm oil mill effluent co-digested with cattle manure
BK Zaied, MNI Siddique, M Nasrullah, L Singh, ZBA Wahid, MF Ahmad
Environmental Technology & Innovation 16, 100446, 2019
Microalgal Cell Disruption and Lipid Extraction Techniques for Potential Biofuel Production
A Karim, MA Islam, BK Zaied, CKM Faizal, MMR Khan, A Yousuf
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Enhanced bioenergy production from palm oil mill effluent by co-digestion in solar assisted bioreactor: Effects of hydrogen peroxide pretreatment
BK Zaied, M Nasrullah, MNI Siddique, AW Zularisam, L Singh, S Krishnan
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (2), 103551, 2020
Prediction and optimization of biogas production from POME co-digestion in solar bioreactor using artificial neural network coupled with particle swarm optimization (ANN-PSO)
BK Zaied, M Rashid, M Nasrullah, BS Bari, AW Zularisam, L Singh, ...
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-16, 2020
The role of iron-based nanoparticles (Fe-NPs) on methanogenesis in anaerobic digestion (AD) performance
P Jadhav, ZB Khalid, AW Zularisam, S Krishnan, M Nasrullah
Environmental research 204, 112043, 2022
Co-digestion of palm oil mill effluent for enhanced biogas production in a solar assisted bioreactor: Supplementation with ammonium bicarbonate
BK Zaied, M Nasrullah, MNI Siddique, AW Zularisam, L Singh, S Krishnan
Science of The Total Environment 706, 136095, 2020
Effect of additional nutrients on bio-methane production from anaerobic digestion of farming waste: Feasibility & Fertilizer recovery
MNI Siddique, BK Zaied, MZB Ibrahim
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (1), 103569, 2020
Microbial lipid accumulation through bioremediation of palm oil mill effluent using a yeast-bacteria co-culture
A Karim, MA Islam, ZB Khalid, A Yousuf, MMR Khan, CKM Faizal
Renewable Energy 176, 106-114, 2021
Application of 2D Graphene-Based Nanomaterials for Pollutant Removal from Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes
ZB Khalid, M Nasrullah, A Nayeem, ZA Wahid, L Singh, S Krishnan
Adapting 2D Nanomaterials for Advanced Applications, 191-217, 2020
Progressive Two-Stage Efficient Codigestion of Food Waste and Petrochemical Wastewater for Higher Methane and Hydrogen Production
MFA MNI Siddique, BK Zaied, MN Kabir
Asian Journal of Chemistry 31 (11), 2575-2578, 2019
Biomethane Production from Anaerobic Codigestion of Palm Oil Mill Effluent with Cattle Manure: A Review
BK Zaied, MNI Siddique, AW Zularisam, MF Ahmad, YM Salih
Asian Journal of Chemistry 31 (11), 2413-2424, 2019
Heavy metals pollution sources of the surface water of the Tunggak and Balok river in the Gebeng industrial area, Pahang, Malaysia
MS Islam, ZB Khalid, SM Gabar, FM Yahaya
International Journal of Energy and Water Resources 6 (1), 113-120, 2022
Application of iron-cobalt-copper (Fe-Co–Cu) trimetallic nanoparticles on anaerobic digestion (AD) for biogas production
P Jadhav, ZB Khalid, S Krishnan, P Bhuyar, AW Zularisam, ASA Razak, ...
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-11, 2022
Improving Methane Generation by Co-Digestion of Sewage Sludge and Petrochemical Wastewater: Influence of Heat and Alkali Pretreatment
MFA MNI Siddique, B.K. Zaied, S Krishnan
Asian Journal of Chemistry 31 (10), 2403-2409, 2019
Anaerobic Fermentation Technology for Bioenergy Generation from Organic Waste: An Overview
MNI Siddique, ZB Khalid, NS Rasit, NB Ali, WSW Nik, MRK Chowdhruy
Science 10 (1), 8-11, 2022
A comprehensive review of the features of self-compacting rubberized concrete in the fresh and hardened states
M Islam, K Hasan, ZB Khalid, FM Yahaya
Architecture, Structures and Construction, 1-23, 2022
Challenges and emerging approaches in life cycle assessment of engineered nanomaterials usage in anaerobic bioreactor
P Jadhav, ZB Khalid, P Mishra, ZB Abd Wahid, M Nasrullah
Techno-economics and Life Cycle Assessment of Bioreactors, 207-222, 2022
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