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The synthesis of carbon electrode supercapacitor from durian shell based on variations in the activation time
E Taer, P Dewi, Sugianto, R Syech, R Taslim, Salomo, Y Susanti, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1927 (1), 030026, 2018
Pengukuran medan magnet lemah menggunakan sensor magnetik fluxgate dengan satu koil pick-up
M Djamal, RN Setiadi
Prosiding ITB Sains & Teknologi 38 (2), 99-115, 2006
The effect of CO2 activation temperature on the physical and electrochemical properties of activated carbon monolith from banana stem waste
E Taer, Y Susanti, Awitdrus, Sugianto, R Taslim, RN Setiadi, S Bahri, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1927 (1), 030016, 2018
Effect of physical activation time on the preparation of carbon electrodes from pineapple crown waste for supercapacitor application
R Taslim, TR Dewi, E Taer, A Apriwandi, A Agustino, RN Setiadi
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1120 (1), 012084, 2018
The relationship of surface area to cell capacitance for monolith carbon electrode from biomass materials for supercapacitor aplication
E Taer, A Agustino, R Farma, R Taslim, M Paiszal, A Ira, SD Yardi, YP Sari, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1116 (3), 032040, 2018
An arduino uno based biosensor for water pollution monitoring using immobilised algae chlorella vulgaris
L Umar, RN Setiadi, Y Hamzah, TM Linda
International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems 10 (4), 2017
Yulkifli: Preliminary Study of Vibration Sensor Based on fluxgate Magnetic Sensor
M Djamal, RN Setiadi
Proc. ICMNS, Indonesian, 2008
Development of a low cost vibration sensor based on fluxgate element
M Djamal, AS Yulkifli, S RN
Proceedings International conference of institute for Environtment …, 2010
A facile approach of micro-mesopores structure binder-free coin/monolith solid design activated carbon for electrode supercapacitor
A Apriwandi, E Taer, R Farma, RN Setiadi, E Amiruddin
Journal of Energy Storage 40, 102823, 2021
Displacement Sensor based on Fluxgate Magnetometer
M Djamal, RN Setiadi
Proc. of APS, 156-159, 2006
Biosensor signal improvement using current mirror topology for dissolved oxygen measurement
L Umar, Y Hamzah, RN Setiadi
Measurement Science and Technology 30 (6), 065102, 2019
Sideband sensitivity of fluxgate sensors theory and experiment
RN Setiadi, M Schilling
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 285, 573-580, 2019
Design of Pulse Oximetry Based on Photoplethysmography and Beat Rate Signal Using DS-100 Probe Sensor for SpO2 Measurement
L Umar, I Firmansyah, RN Setiadi
2018 3rd International Seminar on Sensors, Instrumentation, Measurement and …, 2018
Inductance analyzer based on auto-balanced circuit for precision measurement of fluxgate impedance
RN Setiadi, M Schilling
Measurement Science and Technology 29 (5), 055007, 2018
Development of fluxgate magnetometer using double cores probe
M Djamal, RN Setiadi
2009 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, 138-142, 2009
M Djamal, S Suyatno, Y Yulkifli, RN Setiadi
Jurnal Sains Materi Indonesia, 207-214, 2019
Biosensor based on biochip-G for dissolved oxygen detection from photosynthesis process of green algae chlorella vulgaris
L Umar, RN Setiadi, Y Hamzah, TM Linda
2017 International Conference on Smart Cities, Automation & Intelligent …, 2017
Sensitivity and photoperiodism response of algae-based biosensor using red and blue LED spectrums
L Umar, F Aswandi, TM Linda, A Wati, RN Setiadi
AIP Conference Proceedings 2320 (1), 050016, 2021
Influence of herbicide 2,4-D dimethylamine 865SL on photosynthetic mechanism of algae species Chlorella Kessleri immobilized in a biochip
L Umar, V Harvenda, RN Setiadi, TM Linda, J Wiest
AIP Conference Proceedings 2169 (1), 030010, 2019
The effect of microwave irradiation in activated carbon processing from sago waste to physical and electrochemical properties of electrode supercapacitor cells
E Taer, R Radiawan, R Taslim, A Apriwandi, A Agustino, R Farma, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1120 (1), 012081, 2018
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