Nazlina Haiza Mohd Yasin
Nazlina Haiza Mohd Yasin
Senior Lecturer
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Food waste and food processing waste for biohydrogen production: a review
NHM Yasin, T Mumtaz, MA Hassan
Journal of environmental management 130, 375-385, 2013
Microbial characterization of hydrogen-producing bacteria in fermented food waste at different pH values
NHM Yasin, HC Man, MZM Yusoff, MA Hassan
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Potential of the microalgae-based integrated wastewater treatment and CO2 fixation system to treat Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) by indigenous microalgae; Scenedesmus sp. and …
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Dose-response analysis of toxic effect from palm oil mill effluent (POME) by-products on biohydrogen producing bacteria–A preliminary study on microbial density and …
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Cultivation and application of Scenedesmus sp. strain UKM9 in palm oil mill effluent treatment for enhanced nutrient removal
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Journal of Cleaner Production, 126295, 2021
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