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Improving recognition and generalization capability of back-propagation NN using a self-organized network inspired by immune algorithm (SONIA)
MR Widyanto, H Nobuhara, K Kawamoto, K Hirota, B Kusumoputro
Applied Soft Computing 6 (1), 72-84, 2005
Modified PSO algorithm based on flow of wind for odor source localization problems in dynamic environments
W Jatmiko, P Mursanto, B Kusumoputro, K Sekiyama, T Fukuda
WSEAS Transaction on System 7 (3), 106-113, 2008
Fuzzy-neuro LVQ and its comparison with fuzzy algorithm LVQ in artificial odor discrimination system
B Kusumoputro, H Budiarto, W Jatmiko
ISA transactions 41 (4), 395-407, 2002
Neural network control system of UAV altitude dynamics and its comparison with the PID control system
J Muliadi, B Kusumoputro
Journal of Advanced Transportation 2018, 2018
Artificial odor discrimination system using multiple quartz resonator sensors and various neural networks for recognizing fragrance mixtures
W Jatmiko, T Fukuda, F Arai, B Kusumoputro
IEEE Sensors Journal 6 (1), 223-233, 2006
Discrimination of fragrance odor by arrayed quartz resonator and a neural networks
B Kusumoputro
Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications, 1998
Fuzzy learning vector quantization based on particle swarm optimization for artificial odor dicrimination system
W Jatmiko, R Rochmatullah, B Kusumoputro, K Sekiyama, T Fukuda
WSEAS Transactions on Systems 8 (12), 1239-1252, 2009
System identification and control of pressure process rig system using Backpropagation Neural Networks
B Kusumoputro, K Priandana, W Wahab
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 10 (16), 7190-7195, 2015
Robotic applications for odor-sensing technology: Progress and challenge
W Jatmiko, T Fukuda, T Matsuno, F Arai, B Kusumoputro
WSEAS Transactions on Systems 4 (7), 1134-1141, 2005
Development of 3 D face databases by using merging and splitting eigenspace models.
B Kusumoputro, Y Satria
WSEAS Transactions on Computers 2 (1), 203-209, 2003
Local gas holdup measurement of a bubble column using SONIA-ultrasonic non-invasive method
MR Widyanto, MB Utomo, K Kawamoto, B Kusumoputro, K Hirota
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 126 (2), 447-454, 2006
Neural network diagnosis of malignant skin cancers using principal component analysis as a preprocessor
B Kusumoputro, A Ariyanto
1998 IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks Proceedings …, 1998
Development of filtered bispectrum for EEG signal feature extraction in automatic emotion recognition using artificial neural networks
PD Purnamasari, AAP Ratna, B Kusumoputro
Algorithms 10 (2), 63, 2017
Development of an attitude control system of a heavy-lift hexacopter using Elman recurrent neural networks
B Kusumoputro, H Suprijono, MA Heryanto, BY Suprapto
2016 22nd International Conference on Automation and Computing (ICAC), 27-31, 2016
Visual servoing quadrotor control in autonomous target search
S Darma, JL Buessler, G Hermann, JP Urban, B Kusumoputro
2013 IEEE 3rd International Conference on System Engineering and Technology …, 2013
Localizing multiple odor sources in dynamic environment using ranged subgroup PSO with flow of wind based on open dynamic engine library
W Jatmiko, W Pambuko, P Mursanto, A Muis, B Kusumoputro, K Sekiyama, ...
2009 International Symposium on Micro-NanoMechatronics and Human Science …, 2009
Attitude and altitude control of a quadcopter using neural network based direct inverse control scheme
M Heryanto, H Suprijono, BY Suprapto, B Kusumoputro
Advanced Science Letters 23 (5), 4060-4064, 2017
EEG based patient emotion monitoring using relative wavelet energy feature and Back Propagation Neural Network
PD Purnamasari, AAP Ratna, B Kusumoputro
2015 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2015
Speaker identification in noisy environment using bispectrum analysis and probabilistic neural network
B Kusumoputro, A Triyanto, MI Fanany, W Jatmiko
Proceedings Fourth International Conference on Computational Intelligence …, 2001
Emotion recognition system based on EEG signals using relative wavelet energy features and a modified radial basis function neural networks
B Krisnandhika, A Faqih, PD Pumamasari, B Kusumoputro
2017 International Conference on Consumer Electronics and Devices (ICCED), 50-54, 2017
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