Malik Shahzad Shabbir
Malik Shahzad Shabbir
University of Lahore
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Innovation and competitiveness lead to industrial trade
M Shabbir
Available at SSRN 2659847, 2015
The impact of human resource practices on employee perceived performance in pharmaceutical sector of Pakistan
MS Shabbir
African Journal of Business Management 8 (15), 626-632, 2014
Barriers to service quality in the banks of Pakistan: a comparative study of Islamic and conventional banks
M Shabbir, A Rehman
Shahzad M, Rehman A (2015) Barriers to Service Quality in the Banks of …, 2015
Why manufacturers are less powerful than retailers in trade circles? A case study of Wal-Mart retailing business
MS Shabbir
Journal of Global Economics, 2016
Impact of social media applications on small business entrepreneurs
MS Shabbir, MS Ghazi, AR Mehmood
Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review 6 (3), 1-3, 2016
The Level of Entrepreneurship Growth and Obstacles In Trade Openness: A Comparative Study Of Asian Countries Pakistan, India And Malaysia
MS Shabbir
Journal of Contemporary Management 3 (4), 33-47, 2014
Impact of social media applications on small business entrepreneurs
MS Shabbir, MS Ghazi, AR Mehmood
Manag Econ Res J 2 (2016), 605, 2017
The impact of financial crises and economic growth of East Asian countries
MS Shabbir, AK Rehman
The Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce 21 (1), 2016
The Impact of Advertisement on Buying Behavior of the Children
MS shabbir
Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review 4 (6), 1-10, 2016
The impact of foreign portfolio investment on stock market of Pakistan
MS Shabbir
International Journal of Ethics and Systems 6 (2), 2018
The Impact of Financial Development on Economy of Pakistan.
MS Shabbir
American Based Research Journal 5 (3), 1-11, 2016
Marketing Strategic of Financial Services by Islamic Banks
MS Shabbir, S Zaman
Standard journal of Global business and Management. 15 23 (3), 2, 2016
The viability of Islamic finance and its impact on global financial stability: evidence from practical implications
MS Shabbir, MS Ghazi, T Akhtar
European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences 5 (85), 2015
Why Manufacturers are Less Powerful than Retailers in Trade Circles
MS Shabbir
A Case Study of Wal-Mart Retailing Business. J Glob Econ 4 (173), 2, 2016
Evolution of Ideas with In the Business Strategy from Historical Perspective
MS Shabbir
American Based Research journal 4 (5), 22-29, 2016
Innovation, total factor productivity and economic growth in Pakistan: a policy perspective
H Saleem, M Shahzad, MB Khan, BA Khilji
Journal of Economic Structures 8 (1), 7, 2019
Innovation Strategy of McDonald Business from Historical perspectives
MS Shabbir
Innovative Journal Of Business And Management 7:12(2018), 2018
Combine Effect of Automated Services and Traditional Services Quality on Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from Banking Sector of Pakistan
MS Shabbir, AK Rehma, T Shabbir
Int J Econ Manag Sci 5 (327), 2, 2016
Are Islamic financial institutions become challenge or opportunity for Western Countries?
MS Shabbir, A Khalil ur Rehman
European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences 4 (84), 2015
Layers of misconceptions about Islamic banking: Are Islamic banks threats, challenges and opportunities for investors?
MS Shabbir, A Rehman
Journal of Islamic Marketing, 2019
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