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Registered replication report: Schooler and engstler-schooler (1990)
VK Alogna, MK Attaya, P Aucoin, Š Bahník, S Birch, AR Birt, BH Bornstein, ...
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Snitching, lies and computer crashes: An experimental investigation of secondary confessions
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JK Swanner, CA Meissner, DJ Atkinson, RE Dianiska
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Incentives increase the rate of false but not true secondary confessions from informants with an allegiance to a suspect.
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Throwing you under the bus: High power people knowingly harm others when offered small incentives
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Using disclosure, common ground, and verification to build rapport and elicit information.
RE Dianiska, JK Swanner, L Brimbal, CA Meissner
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Incentivized Secondary Confessions from Low Power Informants who Potentially Fear Reprisal
JK Swanner
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JK Swanner
The University of Alabama in Huntsville, 2006
Accepted Manuscript, Psychology, Public Policy, and Law
RE Dianiska, JK Swanner, L Brimbal, CA Meissner
Developing Evidence-Based Approaches to Interrogation Swanner, JK, Meissner, CA, Atkinson, DJ, & Dianiska, RE Iowa State University
JK Swanner
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