Edward R.T. Tiekink
Edward R.T. Tiekink
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Metallotherapeutic drugs and metal-based diagnostic agents: the use of metals in medicine
M Gielen, ERT Tiekink
John Wiley & Sons, 2005
Structural chemistry of organotin carboxylates: a review of the crystallographic literature
ERT Tiekink
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M Gielen
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ERT Tiekink, J Vittal, M Zaworotko
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Gold derivatives for the treatment of cancer
ERT Tiekink
Critical reviews in oncology/hematology 42 (3), 225-248, 2002
Trends Organomet
ERT Tiekink
Chem 1 (7), 1994
Antimony and bismuth compounds in oncology
ERT Tiekink
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ERT Tiekink
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ERT Tiekink
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ERT Tiekink
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ERT Tiekink
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ERT Tiekink, I Haiduc
Progress in Inorganic Chemistry 54, 127-319, 2005
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ERT Tiekink
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 345, 209-228, 2017
Cyclopentadienyl-ruthenium and-osmium chemistry: XXXIX. Syntheses of novel alkynyl-ruthenium complexes. X-Ray structures of two forms of {Ru (PPh3) 2 (η-C5H5)} 2 (μ-C4) and of …
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Nanogoldpharmaceutics: (i) The use of colloidal gold to treat experimentally-induced arthritis in rat models;(ii) Characterization of the gold in Swarna bhasma, a …
CL Brown, G Bushell, MW Whitehouse, DS Agrawal, SG Tupe, ...
Gold bulletin 40, 245-250, 2007
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