Dafit Feriyanto
Dafit Feriyanto
Universitas Mercu Buana
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Emission treatment towards cold start and back pressure in internal combustion engine against performance of catalytic converter: a review
AM Leman, F Rahman, A Jajuli, S Zakaria, D Feriyanto
MATEC Web of Conferences 87, 02021, 2017
Improvement on Transportation Safety on Bus by Installing A Speed Limiter in Conventional Engine to Reduce Speed Rate
H Pranoto, AM Leman, D Sebayang, D Feriyanto
MATEC Web of Conferences 78, 01053, 2016
Improving Road Safety of Tank Truck in Indonesia by Speed Limiter Installation
H Pranoto, AM Leman, I Baba, D Feriyanto, GW Putra
MATEC Web of Conferences 87, 02022, 2017
Advanced Catalytic Converter in Gasoline Enginer Emission Control: A Review
AM Leman, A Jajuli, D Feriyanto, F Rahman, S Zakaria
MATEC Web of Conferences 87, 02020, 2017
A review of flood catastrophic management in Malaysia
AM Leman, KA Rahman Salleh, MNM Babal, I Feriyanto, D Johnso, ...
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 11 (14), 8738-8742, 2016
Catalytic converter developed by washcoat of γ-Alumina on Nickel Oxide (Nio) catalyst in FeCrAl substrate for exhaust emission control: A Review
AM Leman, J Afiqah, F Rahman, D Feriyanto, R Rahmad
MATEC Web of Conferences 78, 01045, 2016
Effect of Cr to Fe on the solid solubility, lattice parameter and strain of Fe80Cr20 alloy powder
D Feriyanto, MI Idris, D Sebayang
Applied Mechanics and Materials 660, 280-284, 2014
Propose safety engineering concept speed limiter and fatigue control using slifa for truck and bus
H Pranoto, A Adriansyah, D Feriyanto, A Wahab, S Zakaria
Sinergi 24 (3), 237-244, 2020
Performance and Exhaust Gas Temperature Investigation of Ceramic, Metallic and FeCrAl Catalytic Converter In Gasoline Engine
H Pranoto, D Feriyanto, S Zakaria
Sinergi 23 (1), 11-16, 2019
Indoor air contaminant adsorption by palm shell activated carbon filter–a proposed study
AM Leman, MNM Salleh, D Feriyanto, NM Sunar, N Misdan
MATEC Web of Conferences 78, 01046, 2016
Development of inter agency information system for flood catastrophic preparedness in Malaysia
AM Leman, KA Rahman, MNM Salleh, I Baba, LSC Johnson, D Feriyanto, ...
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 11 (14), 8726-8732, 2016
The development of mixer machine for organic animal feed production: Proposed study
AM Leman, RA Wahab, S Zakaria, D Feriyanto, MIFCM Nor, S Muzarpar
AIP Conference Proceedings 1885 (1), 020158, 2017
Diffusion and Bonding Mechanism of Protective γ-Al2O3 on FeCrAl Foil for Metallic Three-Way Catalytic Converter
D Feriyanto, AM Leman, I Baba, F Rahman, FA Jajuli
MATEC Web of Conferences 87, 02019, 2017
Oxidation Resistance Analysis Of Metallic (FeCrAl Foil) Catalytic Converter Developed By Ultrasonic Approach
AM Leman, D Feriyanto, N Farhana, R Rahmat, BA Bakar, I Baba
MATEC Web of Conferences 78, 01009, 2016
Catalytic converter material treated by ultrasonic approach
AM Leman, D Feriyanto, D Sebayang
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Science 11 (11), 7358-7363, 2016
Simulation on Toxic Gases in Vehicle Exhaust Equipped with Modified Catalytic Converter: A Review
AM Leman, F Rahman, A Jajuli, W Sani, D Feriyanto
MATEC Web of Conferences 78, 01044, 2016
Practical Analysis of the Truck and Bus use of Electro-Mechanical Speed Limiter (SLIFA) Device for Fuel Consumption
H Pranoto, AM Leman, D Feriyanto
Global Journal of Research In Engineering, 2020
Closed-Horizontal Rotating Burner Development for Optimizing Palm Shell Charcoal (PSC) Production
D Feriyanto, S Zakariab, S Alvaa, H Pranotoa, AF Sudarmaa, AWP Jiec
Institute for Research on Innovation and Industrial System (IRIS) 1 (2), 39-44, 2020
Effectiveness of SLIFA device installation for transportation sector especially on truck and bus to reduce the environmental impact in urban area of DKI Jakarta
H Pranoto, AM Leman, D Feriyanto
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 485 (1), 012005, 2020
Integrated Speed and Driver Fatigue Detected with Method Image Processing
H Pranoto, A Adriansyah, A Wahab, D Feriyanto
International Journal of Advanced Technology in Mechanical, Mechatronics and …, 2020
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