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Occult hepatitis B in blood donors in Indonesia: altered antigenicity of the hepatitis B virus surface protein
MD Thedja, M Roni, AR Harahap, NC Siregar, SI Ie, DH Muljono
Hepatology international 4 (3), 608-614, 2010
Chitosan exerts anticancer activity through induction of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in oral cancer cells
YS Wimardhani, DF Suniarti, HJ Freisleben, SI Wanandi, NC Siregar, ...
Journal of oral science 56 (2), 119-126, 2014
Rapid and noninvasive screening of patients with mitochondrial myopathy
N Kotsimbos, MJB Jean‐Francois, M Huizing, RMI Kapsa, P Lertrit, ...
Human mutation 4 (2), 132-135, 1994
Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in substantia nigra
RMI Kapsa, MJB Jean-Francois, P Lertrit, S Weng, N Siregar, J Ojaimi, ...
Journal of the neurological sciences 144 (1-2), 204-211, 1996
Hepatoid carcinoma of the gallbladder
T Koswara, W Marwoto, NC Siregar, S Gumay, H Azis, M Abdullah, ...
Acta Med Indones 39 (4), 179-82, 2007
PRFM enhance wound healing process in skin graft
M Reksodiputro, D Widodo, J Bashiruddin, N Siregar, S Malik
Facial Plastic Surgery 30 (06), 670-675, 2014
Profile of hepatocyte apoptosis and bile lakes before and after bile duct decompression in severe obstructive jaundice patients.
TJ Lalisang, R Sjamsuhidajat, NC Siregar, A Taher
Hepatobiliary & pancreatic diseases international: HBPD INT 9 (5), 520-523, 2010
The role of curcumin as an inhibitor of oxidative stress caused by ischaemia re-perfusion injury in tetralogy of Fallot patients undergoing corrective surgery
R Sukardi, S Sastroasmoro, NC Siregar, MM Djer, FD Suyatna, M Sadikin, ...
Cardiology in the Young 26 (3), 431-438, 2016
Genotypic and phenotypic changes in exhaustively grown cell lines from mitochondrial cytopathy patients
NC Siregar, MJB Jean‐François, RB Blok, E Byrne
Muscle & Nerve: Official Journal of the American Association of …, 1998
Bone metastasis in advanced breast cancer: Analysis of gene expression microarray
I Cosphiadi, TD Atmakusumah, NC Siregar, A Muthalib, A Harahap, ...
Clinical breast cancer 18 (5), e1117-e1122, 2018
Overexpression and amplification of Murine double minute 2 as a diagnostic tool in large lipomatous tumor and its correlation with Ki67 proliferation index: an institutional …
RI Putri, NC Siregar, B Siregar
Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology 57 (4), 558, 2014
The suppression of manganese superoxide dismutase decreased the survival of human glioblastoma multiforme T98G cells
NS Hardiany, M Sadikin, N Siregar, SI Wanandi
Medical Journal of Indonesia 26 (1), 19-25, 2017
Comparison of cultured mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow or peripheral blood of rats
A Kamal, D Iskandriati, I Dilogo, N Siregar, E Hutagalung, A Yusuf, ...
J Exp Integr Med 4 (1), 17-22, 2014
Biocompatibility of various hydoxyapatite scaffolds evaluated by proliferation of rat’s bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells: An in vitro study
AF Kamal, D Iskandriati, IH Dilogo, NC Siregar, EU Hutagalung, ...
Medical Journal of Indonesia 22 (4), 202-8, 2013
New bone formation in tuberculous-infected vertebral body defect after administration of bone marrow stromal cells in rabbit model
AJ Rahyussalim, T Kurniawati, NC Siregar, A Syahrurachman, IH Dilogo, ...
Asian spine journal 10 (1), 1, 2016
Expression of biomarkers CXCR4, IL11-RA, TFF1, MLF1P in advanced breast cancer patients with bone metastatic: a diagnostic study
C Irawan, D Atmakusumah, NC Siregar, TB Tean, LW Kong, OC Kiat, ...
Acta Med Indones 48, 261-8, 2016
Endothelial Dysfunction in Critical Burns: A Histomorphological Study
Y Moenadjat, NC Siregar, SI Wanandi, M Sadikin
J Imu Bedah Indones 41 (1), 29-36, 2013
Demographic characteristics, risk factors and immunocytochemistry of p 16INK4a, Ki-67, MCM5, and survivin as predictors for the progress of cervical precancer lesion
J Indarti, MF Aziz, B Sutrisna, NC Siregar, B Suryawati, A Harahap
Medical Journal of Indonesia 19 (3), 147-53, 2010
Transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells, recombinant human BMP-2, and their combination in accelerating the union after osteotomy and increasing, the mechanical strength of …
AF Kamal, IH Dilogo, EU Hutagalung, D Iskandriati, R Susworo, ...
Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran 28, 129, 2014
Inhibition of bile acid accumulation decreased the excessive hepatocyte apoptosis and improved the liver secretion functions on obstructive jaundice patients
TJM Lalisang, R Sjamsuhidayat, NC Siregar, A Taher
Makara Journal of Health Research, 1-5, 2011
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