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Motor Learning Measuring Tools: A Design and Implementation Using Sensor Technology for Preschool Education.
A Komaini, H Hidayat, Y Kiram, DT Mario
International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies 15 (17), 2021
Development of service sensor tools on table tennis net
K Firdaus, DT Mario
Journal of Physical Education and Sport 22 (6), 1449-1456, 2022
The Effect of Limb Muscle Explosive Power, Flexibility, and Achievement Motivation on Sickle Kick Performance in Pencak Silat Learning
N Ihsan, R Hanafi, S Sepriadi, A Okilanda, S Suwirman, DT Mario
Physical Education Theory and Methodology 22 (3), 393-400, 2022
High-protein foods in weight training as an alternative for muscle hypertrophy: Soy milk, egg whites, and tofu
DT Mario, A Komaini, W Welis, E Sepdanius, D Syafrianto
Journal of Physical Education & Sport 22 (9), 2022
Physical fitness of students in Indonesian during the COVID-19 period: Physical activity, body mass index, and socioeconomic status
W Welis, Yendrizal, Darni, DT Mario
Physical Activity Review 11 (1), 77-87, 2023
Slow-motion in weight training: How does it affect muscle hypertrophy in untrained young men?
DT Mario, A Komaini, W Welis, MS Rifki, Alnedral, N Ihsan, D Syafrianto, ...
Journal of Physical Education & Sport 22 (10), 2022
The effect of learning methods and motor skills on the learning outcomes of basic techniques in volleyball
U Umar, A Alnedral, N Ihsan, DT Mario, P Mardesia
Journal of Physical Education and Sport 23 (9), 2453-2460, 2023
Effects of agility, coordination, and flexibility on dribbling skills in senior high school female field hockey players
R Antara, W Welis, Masrun, R Irawan, DT Mario, Alnedral, Umar, J Wąsik
Physical Activity Review 11 (2), 42-51, 2023
Android-based gymnastics learning media to improve handstand skills in junior high school students
SG Handayani, DE Myori, A Komaini, DT Mario
Universidad de Alicante. Área de Educación Física y Deporte, 2023
Sports Massage: How does it Affect Reducing Lactic Acid Levels in Athletes?
W Welis, Darni, DT Mario
International Journal of Human Movement and Sports Sciences 11 (1), 20-26, 2023
Fundamental movement skills in children in Mentawai Islands: Indigenous Tribes in Indonesia
A Komaini, Y Kiram, Gusril, DT Mario, SG Handayani, Erianjoni
Physical Education Theory and Methodology 23 (4), 520-530, 2023
Protein-Based Soy Flour Supplementation to Support the Effects of Weight Training on Muscle Hyper-trophy Suplemento de harina de soja a base de proteínas para respaldar
W Welis, R Effendi, I Ilham, DT Mario, B Bafirman, N Ihsan
Retos 51, 923-929, 2024
Sports volunteer involvement in strategies to increase sports community participation: Systematic review
H Fithroni, N Nurhasanah, H Setijono, MS Aman, PB Dafun Jr, DC Kartiko, ...
Retos: nuevas tendencias en educación física, deporte y recreación, 373-376, 2024
Supplements and high-protein foods in weight training: How do they affect maximum muscle strength?
A Fardi, TH Sin, AO Pratama, DT Mario
Journal Sport Area 7 (2), 320-329, 2022
Jump Serve: Serangan Pertama dalam Permainan Bola Voli
MS Rifki, DT Mario, A Ariston
Rajagrafindo Persada, 2021
Energy Intake During Volleyball Training Camp Athlete of Week Sports National Student (POMNAS) West Sumatera
MS Rifki, DT Mario
Digital-Based E-module in Tennis Learning for Undergraduate Students in Sports Education
D Damrah, W Rasyid, P Pitnawati, A Komaini, DT Mario, Z Zulbahri
Sport Mont 22 (1), 43-51, 2024
Citrus Limon Has the Potential to Reduce Oxidative Stress and Inflammation After Physical Activity/Exercise: Systematic Review
N Ayubi, MF Halip, A Komaini, MS Rifki, N Nurkholis, M Ridwan, ...
Retos: nuevas tendencias en educación física, deporte y recreación, 1168-1173, 2024
A Comparative research investigation on different dominions of aggressiveness among professional Indian para throwers
V Singh, NR Krishna, CV Catalin, RS Rajpurohit, P Bisht, M Nath, R Das, ...
Journal of Physical Education and Sport 23 (12), 3418- 3424, 2023
Design of multi station training equipment to improve physical fitness
H Neldi, SG Handayani, H Hermanzoni, Komaini, Anton, DT Mario, ...
Journal of Physical Education and Sport 23 (12), 3410- 3417, 2023
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