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Brian Kwee
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A physical sciences network characterization of non-tumorigenic and metastatic cells
TPSOC Network, DB Agus, JF Alexander, W Arap, S Ashili, JE Aslan, ...
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Biomaterials for skeletal muscle tissue engineering
BJ Kwee, DJ Mooney
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Boon and bane of inflammation in bone tissue regeneration and its link with angiogenesis
K Schmidt-Bleek, BJ Kwee, DJ Mooney, GN Duda
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3D culture broadly regulates tumor cell hypoxia response and angiogenesis via pro-inflammatory pathways
P DelNero, M Lane, SS Verbridge, B Kwee, P Kermani, B Hempstead, ...
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Hydrogel substrate stress-relaxation regulates the spreading and proliferation of mouse myoblasts
A Bauer, L Gu, B Kwee, WA Li, M Dellacherie, AD Celiz, DJ Mooney
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Physicochemical regulation of endothelial sprouting in a 3D microfluidic angiogenesis model
SS Verbridge, A Chakrabarti, P DelNero, B Kwee, JD Varner, AD Stroock, ...
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Local delivery of VEGF and SDF enhances endothelial progenitor cell recruitment and resultant recovery from ischemia
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Tissue Engineering Part A 21 (7-8), 1217-1227, 2015
Manipulating the intersection of angiogenesis and inflammation
BJ Kwee, DJ Mooney
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In vivo targeting through click chemistry
Y Brudno, R Desai, BJ Kwee, NS Joshi, M Aizenberg, DJ Mooney
ChemMedChem, 2015
CD4 T-cells regulate angiogenesis and myogenesis
BJ Kwee, E Budina, AJ Najibi, DJ Mooney
Biomaterials 178, 109-121, 2018
Combined delivery of VEGF and IGF-1 promotes functional innervation in mice and improves muscle transplantation in rabbits
TM Raimondo, H Li, BJ Kwee, S Kinsley, E Budina, EM Anderson, ...
Biomaterials 216, 119246, 2019
Treating ischemia via recruitment of antigen-specific T cells
BJ Kwee, BR Seo, AJ Najibi, AW Li, TY Shih, D White, DJ Mooney
Science advances 5 (7), eaav6313, 2019
Refillable drug delivery devices and methods of use thereof
Y Brudno, CJ Kearney, E Silva, M Aizenberg, B Kwee, R Desai, NS Joshi, ...
US Patent App. 14/878,578, 2016
Improving Wound Healing through the Use of Tetrazine‐Modified Alginate
EJ De Leon‐Peralta, Y Brudno, BJ Kwee, DJ Mooney
The FASEB Journal 30, 1177.10-1177.10, 2016
Physical Sciences-Oncology Centers Network
DB Agus, JF Alexander, W Arap, S Ashili, JE Aslan, RH Austin, ...
A physical sciences network characterization of non-tumorigenic and …, 2013
Skeletal muscle regeneration with robotic actuation–mediated clearance of neutrophils
BR Seo, CJ Payne, SL McNamara, BR Freedman, BJ Kwee, S Nam, ...
Science Translational Medicine 13 (614), eabe8868, 2021
Engineering microenvironments for manufacturing therapeutic cells
BJ Kwee, KE Sung
Experimental Biology and Medicine 246 (16), 1845-1856, 2021
Functional heterogeneity of IFN-γ–licensed mesenchymal stromal cell immunosuppressive capacity on biomaterials
BJ Kwee, J Lam, A Akue, MA KuKuruga, K Zhang, L Gu, KE Sung
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (35), 2021
Refillable drug delivery devices and methods of use thereof
Y Brudno, CJ Kearney, EAB e Silva, M Aizenberg, B Kwee, R Desai, ...
US Patent App. 16/705,672, 2020
Biomaterial-based Helper T-cell Therapies for Ischemic Diseases
BJ Kwee
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