Binoy Krishna Roy
Binoy Krishna Roy
Professor of Electrical Engineering, N I T Silchar
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Synchronization and anti-synchronization of Lu and Bhalekar–Gejji chaotic systems using nonlinear active control
PP Singh, JP Singh, BK Roy
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 69, 31-39, 2014
Fractional order PI control applied to level control in coupled two tank MIMO system with experimental validation
P Roy, BK Roy
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Advanced fuzzy power extraction control of wind energy conversion system for power quality improvement in a grid tied hybrid generation system
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Control of two-link 2-dof robot manipulator using fuzzy logic techniques: A review
K Lochan, BK Roy
Proceedings of fourth international conference on soft computing for problem …, 2015
The nature of Lyapunov exponents is (+,+,−,−). Is it a hyperchaotic system?
JP Singh, BK Roy
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Coexistence of single-and multi-scroll chaotic orbits in a single-link flexible joint robot manipulator with stable spiral and index-4 spiral repellor types of equilibria
JP Singh, K Lochan, NV Kuznetsov, BK Roy
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Stochastic dynamic behaviour of hydrodynamic journal bearings including the effect of surface roughness
K Maharshi, T Mukhopadhyay, B Roy, L Roy, S Dey
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Hidden attractors in a new complex generalised Lorenz hyperchaotic system, its synchronisation using adaptive contraction theory, circuit validation and application
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An intelligent flow measurement technique using ultrasonic flow meter with optimized neural network
KV Santhosh, BK Roy
International journal of control and automation 5 (4), 185-196, 2012
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