Scientific Contributions Oil and Gas
Scientific Contributions Oil and Gas
Research and Development Centre for Oil and Gas LEMIGAS
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Seismic stratigraphy of the Makassar basin
B Situmorang
Lemigas Scientific Contribution, 3-37, 1987
The characteristics of a mixture of kerosene and biodiesel as a substituted diesel fuel
O Sidjabat
Scientific Contributions Oil And Gas Journal 36 (1), 37-44, 2013
Ranking of Indonesia sedimentary basin and storage capacity estimates for CO2 geological storage
UP Iskandar, S Sofyan
Energy Procedia 37, 5172-5180, 2013
Pre-liminary carbon utilization and storage screening of oil fields in South Sumatra basin
U Sugihardjo, EML Tobing
Scientific Contribution Oil and Gas 35 (2), 57-65, 2012
Extraction of naphthenic acid from Indonesia crude oils by methanolammonium solution
A Lucia
Lemigas Scientific Contributions 34 (1), 91-94, 2011
Effect of biosurfactant produced by bacillus in oily wastewater degradation
S Kadarwati, L Herlina
LEMIGAS 31 (3), 40-46, 2008
A palynological study of the Sawahlunto formation, Ombilin basin, West Sumatra
KM Bartram, L Nugrahaningsih
Lemigas Scientific Contributions on Petroleum Science and Technology …, 1990
Choice of water saturation model in log analysis and its implication to water saturation estimates–a further investigation Sci
B Widarsono
Contrib. Oil Gas 35 (3), 2012
Tropical Eocene Palynomorphs from the Toraja Formation, Kalumpang, South Sulawesi
EB Lelono
Lemigas Scientific Contribution 1, 2003
Crustal structure of the Makassar basin as interpreted from gravity anomalies: implications for basin origin and evolution: Scientific Contributions on Petroleum Science and …
B Situmorang
Lemigas, Jakarta, Indonesia, 10-24, 1989
Permo-Triassic Palynology of the West Timor
EB Lelono, L Nugrahaningsih, D Kurniadi
Scientific Contribution Oil and Gas 39 (1), 1-13, 2016
CCS potential in Indonesia
BE Syahrial, U Pasarai, UP Iskandar
Understanding Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Potential in Indonesia 33 …, 2010
Some Limitations of Enhanced Oil Recovery In Indonesia
H Adim
Lemigas Scientific Contribution 1, 12, 1994
A structural model for North Sumatra
CJ Tiltman
Lemigas Scientific Contributions on Petroleum Science and Technology …, 1990
A Systematic Approach to Source-Sink Matching for CO2 EOR and Sequestration
U Pasarai, U Iskandar, S Sugihardjo, H Setiawan
Scientific Contributions Oil & Gas 36, 1-13, 2013
Wax precipitation in crude oil by Coutinho model based on conventional Gas Chromatography
M Kurniawan, K Mulia, C Anwar
Scientific contribution Oil&Gas, Indonesia 36 (2), 75-82, 2013
Oligocene palynology of on-shore West Java
EB Lelono
Scientific Contributions Oil & Gas 35, 67-82, 2012
Dilute acid pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass for butanol production as biofuel
DS Rani, CN Sari
Scientific Contributions Oil and Gas 35 (1), 39-48, 2012
Zeolite Cracking Catalyst
AS Nasution, E Jasjfi, EH Legowo
Lemigas Scientific Contributions, 2003
Estimating Porosity and Water Saturatiom From Seismic/acoustic Signals: A Correction on The Effect of Shaliness
B Widarsono, F Saptono
Lemigas Scientific Contributions, 2001
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