Syamsul Rizal
Syamsul Rizal
Profesor Pemodelan Laut, Universitas Syiah Kuala
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General circulation in the Malacca strait and Andaman Sea: a numerical model study.
S Rizal, P Damm, MA Wahid, J Sündermann, Y Ilhamsyah, T Iskandar
American Journal of Environmental Sciences 8 (5), 479-488, 2012
Currents simulation in the Malacca Straits by using three-dimensional numerical model
S Rizal, I Setiawan, T Iskandar, Y Ilhamsyah, MA Wahid, M Musman
Sains Malaysiana 39 (4), 519-524, 2010
What is driving the ITF? An illumination of the Indonesian throughflow with a numerical nested model system
B Mayer, PE Damm, T Pohlmann, S Rizal
Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans 50 (2), 301-312, 2010
Rapid assessment of community needs and fisheries status in tsunami-affected communities in Aceh Province, Indonesia
LR Garces, MD Pido, RS Pomeroy, S Koeshendrajana, BI Prisantoso, ...
Ocean & Coastal Management 53 (2), 69-79, 2010
The role of non-linear terms in the shallow water equation with the application in three-dimensional tidal model of the Malacca Strait and Taylor's Problem in low geographical …
S Rizal
Continental Shelf Research 20 (15), 1965-1991, 2000
Taylor's problem—influences on the spatial distribution of real and virtual amphidromes
S Rizal
Continental Shelf Research 22 (15), 2147-2158, 2002
Study of current circulation in the Northern Waters of Aceh
I Setiawan, S Rizal, Y Haditiar, Y Ilhamsyah, S Purnawan, M Irham, ...
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 176 (1), 012016, 2018
On the M2-tide of the Malacca Strait: a numerical investigation
S Rizal, J Sündermann
Deutsche Hydrografische Zeitschrift 46 (1), 61-80, 1994
Application of Rapid Appraisals of Fisheries Management System (RAFMS) to identify the seasonal variation of fishing ground locations and its corresponding fish species …
HA Haridhi, M Nanda, Y Haditiar, S Rizal
Ocean & Coastal Management 154, 46-54, 2018
Preliminary study of the sea surface temperature (SST) at fishing ground locations based on the net deployment of traditional purse-seine boats in the northern waters of Aceh …
HA Haridhi, M Nanda, CR Wilson, S Rizal
Regional Studies in Marine Science 8, 114-121, 2016
Community collection of ocean current data: an example from Northern Aceh province, Indonesia
S Rizal, HA Haridhi, CR Wilson, A Hasan, I Setiawan
SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information …, 2013
Current simulation in the Malacca Strait and part of South China Sea due to wind
Y Haditiar, S Rizal, F Abdullah
2016 12th International Conference on Mathematics, Statistics, and Their …, 2016
Monitoring of hard coral covers and zonation of marine conservation area of Tuan Island, Aceh Besar District, Indonesia
N Aldyza, MA Sarong, S Rizal
Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation 8 (5), 640-647, 2015
Numerical simulation of currents and volume transport in the Malacca Strait and part of south China sea
Y Haditiar, MR Putri, N Ismail, ZA Muchlisin, S Rizal
Engineering Journal 23 (6), 129-143, 2019
Interpretation of gravity satellite data to delineate structural features connected to geothermal resources at Bur Ni Geureudong geothermal field
DR Putri, M Nanda, S Rizal, R Idroes, N Ismail
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 364 (1), 012003, 2019
Simulation of tidal hydrodynamics in Sabang Bay, Indonesia
I Setiawan, MA Alfawirsa, Y Haditiar, S Rizal
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 216 (1), 012012, 2018
Simulation of long waves in a layered Sabang waters
T Iskandar, Y Haditiar, I Setiawan, K Fahmi, M Muhammad, S Rizal
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 216 (1), 012013, 2018
Simulasi Pola Arus Baroklinik Di Perairan Indonesia Timur Dengan Model Numerik Tiga-Dimensi
S Rizal, I Setiawan, TI Muhammad, MA Wahid
Pusat Studi Kelautan Dan Perikanan, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh, 2009
Simulation of current using a two-dimensional numerical model in the Aceh Barat Daya waters, Indonesia
S Rizal, I Setiawan, B Boihaki, Y Haditiar, T Iskandar, S Sugianto
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 216 (1), 012019, 2018
Simulation of wave refraction in the western waters of Aceh, Indonesia
Y Haditiar, Z Zulfandi, T Iskandar, I Setiawan, S Sugianto, S Rizal
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 216 (1), 012014, 2018
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