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Pengaruh Struktur Pori Terhadap Kapasitansi Elektroda Superkapasitor yang Dibuat Dari Karbon Nanopori
T Ariyanto, I Prasetyo, R Rochmadi
Reaktor 14 (1), 25-32, 2012
Synthesis of carbon core–shell pore structures and their performance as supercapacitors
T Ariyanto, B Dyatkin, GR Zhang, A Kern, Y Gogotsi, BJM Etzold
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 218, 130-136, 2015
Vanadium pentoxide/carbide-derived carbon core–shell hybrid particles for high performance electrochemical energy storage
M Zeiger, T Ariyanto, B Krüner, NJ Peter, S Fleischmann, BJM Etzold, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (48), 18899-18909, 2016
Simple method to produce nanoporous carbon for various applications by pyrolysis of specially synthesized phenolic resin
I Prasetyo, R Rochmadi, T Ariyanto, R Yunanto
Indonesian Journal of Chemistry 13 (2), 95-100, 2013
Controlled synthesis of core-shell carbide-derived carbons through in situ generated chlorine
T Ariyanto, GR Zhang, F Riyahi, J Gläsel, BJM Etzold
Carbon 115, 422-429, 2017
Carbide-derived carbon with hollow core structure and its performance as catalyst support for methanol electro-oxidation
T Ariyanto, AM Kern, BJM Etzold, GR Zhang
Electrochemistry Communications 82, 12-15, 2017
Controlling Synthesis of Polymer-Derived Carbon Molecular Sieve and Its Performance for CO2/CH4 Separation
I Prasetyo, R Rochmadi, E Wahyono, T Ariyanto
Engineering Journal 21 (4), 83-94, 2017
Producing high quality carbide-derived carbon from low quality byproducts stemming from SiC production
T Ariyanto, AM Laziz, J Gläsel, GR Zhang, J Garbes, BJM Etzold
Chemical Engineering Journal 283, 676-681, 2016
Pretreatment technologies for anaerobic digestion of lignocelluloses and toxic feedstocks
R Millati, R Wikandari, T Ariyanto, RU Putri, MJ Taherzadeh
Bioresource Technology 304, 122998, 2020
Pore size control of polymer-derived carbon adsorbent and its application for dye removal
T Ariyanto, M Kurniasari, WT Laksmana, Rochmadi, I Prasetyo
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 16 (8), 4631–4636, 2018
Utilization of Fruit Waste as Biogas Plant Feed and its Superiority Compared to Landfill
T Ariyanto, RB Cahyono, A Vente, S Mattheij, R Millati, Sarto, ...
International Journal of Technology 8 (8), 1385-1392, 2017
Role of the pore structure of Fe/C catalysts on heterogeneous Fenton oxidation
S Amelia, WB Sediawan, I Prasetyo, M Munoz, T Ariyanto
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (1), 102921, 2020
Removing Ethylene by Adsorption using Cobalt Oxide-Loaded Nanoporous Carbon
I Prasetyo, NIF Mukti, M Fahrurrozi, T Ariyanto
ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering 18 (1), 9-16, 2018
Methane storage by methane hydrate formation within water-saturatedporous carbon: The effect of mesoporosity
I Prasetyo, R Yunanto, T Ariyanto
Chemeca 2011: Engineering a Better World: Sydney Hilton Hotel, NSW …, 2011
Agricultural, Industrial, Municipal, and Forest Wastes: An Overview
R Millati, RB Cahyono, T Ariyanto, IN Azzahrani, RU Putri, MJ Taherzadeh
Sustainable Resource Recovery and Zero Waste Approaches, 1-22, 2019
Ethylene adsorption using cobalt oxide-loaded polymer-derived nanoporous carbon and its application to extend shelf life of fruit
I Prasetyo, NIF Mukti, T Ariyanto
Molecules 24 (8), 1507, 2019
Modifying nanoporous carbon through hydrogen peroxide oxidation for removal of metronidazole antibiotics from simulated wastewater
T Ariyanto, RAG Sarwendah, YMN Amimmal, WT Laksmana, I Prasetyo
Processes 7 (11), 835, 2019
Catalytic degradation of textile wastewater effluent by Peroxide oxidation assisted by UV light irradiation
S Sarto, P Paesal, IB Tanyong, WT Laksmana, A Prasetya, T Ariyanto
Catalysts 9 (6), 509, 2019
Improving control of carbide-derived carbon microstructure by immobilization of a transition-metal catalyst within the shell of carbide/carbon core–shell structures
T Ariyanto, J Glaesel, A Kern, GR Zhang, BJM Etzold
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 10, 419–427, 2019
Separation of Lithium Ion from Lithium-Cobalt Mixture using Electrodialysis Monovalent Membrane
DN Afifah, T Ariyanto, S Supranto, I Prasetyo
Engineering Journal 22 (3), 165-179, 2018
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