Dr. Kartik Baruah, Group Leader: Aquaculture Nutraceuticals Research Group
Dr. Kartik Baruah, Group Leader: Aquaculture Nutraceuticals Research Group
Department of Animal Nutrition & Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
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Enzyme‐producing bacteria isolated from fish gut: a review
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AI-2 quorum sensing inhibitors affect the starvation response and reduce virulence in several Vibrio species, most likely by interfering with LuxPQ
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Modulation of key enzymes of glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, amino acid catabolism, and TCA cycle of the tropical freshwater fish Labeo rohita fed gelatinized and non-gelatinized …
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Can epigenetics translate environmental cues into phenotypes?
P Norouzitallab, K Baruah, D Vanrompay, P Bossier
Science of the Total Environment 647, 1281-1293, 2019
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