Stefanie Nolte
Stefanie Nolte
Lecturer, University of East Anglia, Cefas
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Measuring sedimentation in tidal marshes: a review on methods and their applicability in biogeomorphological studies
S Nolte, EC Koppenaal, P Esselink, KS Dijkema, M Schuerch, ...
Journal of Coastal Conservation 17 (3), 301-325, 2013
Sediment deposition and accretion rates in tidal marshes are highly variable along estuarine salinity and flooding gradients
C Butzeck, A Eschenbach, A Gröngröft, K Hansen, S Nolte, K Jensen
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Global-change effects on early-stage decomposition processes in tidal wetlands–implications from a global survey using standardized litter
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Effects of grazing management on biodiversity across trophic levels–The importance of livestock species and stocking density in salt marshes
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Defoliation and soil compaction jointly drive large-herbivore grazing effects on plants and soil arthropods on clay soil
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Assessing the long‐term carbon‐sequestration potential of the semi‐natural salt marshes in the European Wadden Sea
P Mueller, N Ladiges, A Jack, G Schmiedl, L Kutzbach, K Jensen, S Nolte
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Seasonal and spatial within-marsh differences of biophysical plant properties: implications for wave attenuation capacity of salt marshes
D Schulze, F Rupprecht, S Nolte, K Jensen
Aquatic Sciences 81 (4), 1-11, 2019
Tidal flooding diminishes the effects of livestock grazing on soil micro-food webs in a coastal saltmarsh
Z Yang, S Nolte, J Wu
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 236, 177-186, 2017
Flower production of Aster tripolium is affected by behavioral differences in livestock species and stocking densities: the role of activity and selectivity
S Nolte, P Esselink, JP Bakker
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Elymus athericus encroachment in Wadden Sea salt marshes is driven by surface elevation change
S Nolte, A Wanner, M Stock, K Jensen
Applied Vegetation Science 22 (3), 454-464, 2019
Long-term effects of sheep grazing in various densities on marsh properties and vegetation dynamics in two different salt-marsh zones
JP Bakker, M Schrama, P Esselink, P Daniels, N Bhola, S Nolte, ...
Estuaries and Coasts 43 (2), 298-315, 2020
Unrecognized controls on microbial functioning in Blue Carbon ecosystems: The role of mineral enzyme stabilization and allochthonous substrate supply
P Mueller, D Granse, S Nolte, M Weingartner, S Hoth, K Jensen
Ecology and evolution 10 (2), 998-1011, 2020
Origin of organic carbon in the topsoil of Wadden Sea salt marshes
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Vegetation succession of low estuarine marshes is affected by distance to navigation channel and changes in water level
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Nature conservation of salt marshes-The influence of grazing on biodiversity
J De Vlas, FS Mandema, S Nolte, R Van Klink, P Esselink
It Fryske Gea, Olderterp, 2013
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