Suriani Abu Bakar
Suriani Abu Bakar
Nanotechnology Research Centre, Faculty of Science & Mathematics, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes using natural palm oil as carbon precursor
AB Suriani, AA Azira, SF Nik, RM Nor, M Rusop
Materials Letters 63 (30), 2704-2706, 2009
Sonicated sol–gel preparation of nanoparticulate ZnO thin films with various deposition speeds: The highly preferred c-axis (0 0 2) orientation enhances the final properties
MF Malek, MH Mamat, Z Khusaimi, MZ Sahdan, MZ Musa, AR Zainun, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 582, 12-21, 2014
Enhanced dispersion of multiwall carbon nanotubes in natural rubber latex nanocomposites by surfactants bearing phenyl groups
A Mohamed, AK Anas, SA Bakar, T Ardyani, WMW Zin, S Ibrahim, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 455, 179-187, 2015
Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes synthesized from waste cooking palm oil
AB Suriani, RM Nor, M Rusop
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 118 (1382), 963-968, 2010
Controllable growth of vertically aligned aluminum-doped zinc oxide nanorod arrays by sonicated sol–gel immersion method depending on precursor solution volumes
MH Mamat, Z Khusaimi, MM Zahidi, SA Bakar, YM Siran, SAM Rejab, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50 (6S), 06GH04, 2011
Thermal annealing-induced formation of ZnO nanoparticles: minimum strain and stress ameliorate preferred c-axis orientation and crystal-growth properties
MF Malek, MH Mamat, MZ Musa, Z Khusaimi, MZ Sahdan, AB Suriani, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 610, 575-588, 2014
Fabrication of hierarchical Sn-doped ZnO nanorod arrays through sonicated sol− gel immersion for room temperature, resistive-type humidity sensor applications
AS Ismail, MH Mamat, NDM Sin, MF Malek, AS Zoolfakar, AB Suriani, ...
Ceramics International 42 (8), 9785-9795, 2016
Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes synthesized from waste chicken fat
AB Suriani, AR Dalila, A Mohamed, MH Mamat, M Salina, MS Rosmi, ...
Materials Letters 101, 61-64, 2013
A review of glucose biosensors based on graphene/metal oxide nanomaterials
SNA Mohd Yazid, I Md Isa, S Abu Bakar, N Hashim, S Ab Ghani
Analytical letters 47 (11), 1821-1834, 2014
A Brief Review On Recent Graphene Oxide-Based Material Nanoco Mposites: Synthesis And Applications
H Norhayati, M Zuhailimuna, H Mohd Zobir, MI Illyas, M Azmi, K Azlan, ...
Journal of Materials and Environmental Science, 2016
Bandgap alteration of transparent zinc oxide thin film with Mg dopant
M Salina, M Rusop, AB Suriani, R Ahmad
Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Materials 13 (2), 64-68, 2012
Graphene-philic surfactants for nanocomposites in latex technology
A Mohamed, T Ardyani, SA Bakar, P Brown, M Hollamby, M Sagisaka, ...
Advances in colloid and interface science 230, 54-69, 2016
Growth of titanium dioxide nanorod arrays through the aqueous chemical route under a novel and facile low-cost method
MM Yusoff, MH Mamat, MF Malek, AB Suriani, A Mohamed, MK Ahmad, ...
Materials Letters 164, 294-298, 2016
Quasi-aligned carbon nanotubes synthesised from waste engine oil
AB Suriani, S Alfarisa, A Mohamed, IM Isa, A Kamari, N Hashim, ...
Materials Letters 139, 220-223, 2015
Variety of bio-hydrocarbon precursors for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes
MS Azmina, AB Suriani, M Salina, AA Azira, AR Dalila, NA Asli, J Rosly, ...
Nano Hybrids 2, 43-63, 2012
Highly conductive electrodes of graphene oxide/natural rubber latex-based electrodes by using a hyper-branched surfactant
AB Suriani, MD Nurhafizah, A Mohamed, AK Masrom, V Sahajwalla, ...
Materials & Design 99, 174-181, 2016
Preparation of multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) stabilised by highly branched hydrocarbon surfactants and dispersed in natural rubber latex nanocomposites
A Mohamed, AK Anas, SA Bakar, AA Aziz, M Sagisaka, P Brown, J Eastoe, ...
Colloid and Polymer Science 292 (11), 3013-3023, 2014
A facile one-step method for graphene oxide/natural rubber latex nanocomposite production for supercapacitor applications
AB Suriani, MD Nurhafizah, A Mohamed, I Zainol, AK Masrom
Materials Letters 161, 665-668, 2015
The effect of precursor vaporization temperature on the growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes using palm oil
AB Suriani, S Muhamad, M Saad, P Sarah, S Afif Mohd Zobir, R Md Nor, ...
Defect and Diffusion Forum 312, 906-911, 2011
Temperature effects on the production of carbon nanotubes from palm oil by thermal chemical vapor deposition method
MS Azmina, AB Suriani, AN Falina, M Salina, M Rusop
Advanced Materials Research 364, 359-362, 2012
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