Andri Dian Nugraha
Andri Dian Nugraha
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Geophysical Engineering
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Upper crustal structure of central Java, Indonesia, from transdimensional seismic ambient noise tomography
Z Zulfakriza, E Saygin, PR Cummins, S Widiyantoro, AD Nugraha, ...
Geophysical Journal International 197 (1), 630-635, 2014
Three‐dimensional velocity structure in the Bungo Channel and Shikoku area, Japan, and its relationship to low‐frequency earthquakes
AD Nugraha, J Mori
Geophysical research letters 33 (24), 2006
IOP conference series: earth and environmental science
CY Yan, WT Yi, J Xiong, J Ma
IOP Publishing 128 (1), 012086, 2018
Thermal structure of the subduction zone in western Japan derived from seismic attenuation data
AD Nugraha, J Mori, S Ohmi
Geophysical Research Letters 37 (6), 2010
Study of seismicity around Toba area based on relocation hypocenter result from BMKG catalogue
M Ramdhan, AD Nugraha
AIP Conference Proceedings 1554 (1), 242-244, 2013
Seismic velocity structures beneath the Guntur Volcano complex, West Java, derived from simultaneous tomographic inversion and hypocenter relocation
AD Nugraha, S Widiyantoro, A Gunawan, G Suantika
Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences 45 (1), 17-28, 2013
The 2016 Mw 6.5 Pidie Jaya, Aceh, North Sumatra, Earthquake: Reactivation of an Unidentified Sinistral Fault in a Region of Distributed Deformation
M Muzli, M Umar, AD Nugraha, KE Bradley, S Widiyantoro, K Erbas, ...
Seismological Research Letters, 2018
Hypocenter relocation using a fast grid search method and a 3-D seismic velocity model for the Sumatra region
H Nugroho, S Widiyantoro, AD Nugraha
AIP Conference Proceedings 1554 (1), 293-296, 2013
Tomographic imaging of P- and S-wave velocity structure beneath central Java, Indonesia: Joint inversion of the MERAMEX and MCGA earthquake data
S Rohadi, S Widiyantoro, AD Nugraha, M Masturyono
International Journal of Tomography and Statistics 24 (3), 1-16, 2013
Unexpected earthquake of June 25th, 2015 in Madiun, East Java
AD Nugraha, P Supendi, HA Shiddiqi, S Widiyantoro
AIP Conference Proceedings 1730 (1), 020001, 2016
Preliminary results of teleseismic double-difference relocation of earthquakes around Indonesian archipelago region
AD Nugraha, HA Shiddiqi, S Widiyantoro, M Ramdhan, Wandono, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1658 (1), 030002, 2015
Three-Dimensional Seismic Attenuation Structure of Mt. Guntur, West Java, Indonesia
A Priyono, G Suantika, S Widiyantoro, AD Nugraha
International Journal of Tomography and Statistics 17 (S11), 17-28, 2011
Seismicity studies at Moluccas area based on the result of hypocenter relocation using HypoDD
MRJ Utama, AD Nugraha, NT Puspito
AIP conference proceedings 1658 (1), 030022, 2015
Kajian seismisitas wilayah Selat Sunda dan Jawa bagian Barat menggunakan data hasil relokasi simultan terhadap struktur kecepatan tiga dimensi gelombang P
AP Sakti, AD Nugraha, S Rohadi
J JTM XIX 2, 2012
Hypocenter Relocation along the Sunda Arc in Indonesia, Using a 3D Seismic‐Velocity Model
AD Nugraha, HA Shiddiqi, S Widiyantoro, CH Thurber, JD Pesicek, ...
Seismological Research Letters 89 (doi:10.1785/0220170107), 603-612, 2018
Relocation of hypocenters from DOMERAPI and BMKG networks: a preliminary result from DOMERAPI project
M Ramdhan, S Widiyantoro, AD Nugraha, JP Metaxian, A Saepuloh, ...
Earthquake Science 1 (2017), DOI: 10.1007/s11589-017-0178-3, 2017
Preliminary result of earthquake hypocenter determination using hypoellipse around western Java region
P Supendi, AD Nugraha
AIP Conference Proceedings 1730 (1), 020002, 2016
Asupan vitamin A, status vitamin A, dan status gizi anak sekolah dasar di Kecamatan Leuwiliang, Kabupaten Bogor
SA Marliyati, A Nugraha, F Anwar
Jurnal Gizi dan Pangan 9 (2), 2014
Seismic imaging and petrology explain highly explosive eruptions of Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
S Widiyantoro, M Ramdhan, JP Métaxian, PR Cummins, C Martel, ...
NATURE SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 8 (DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-31293-w), 13656, 2018
Seismicity study of volcano-tectonic in and around Tangkuban Parahu active volcano in West Java region, Indonesia
RV Ry, A Priyono, AD Nugraha, A Basuki
AIP Conf. Proc. 1730 (AIP Conf. Proc.),, 2016
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