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A simple and robust method to screen cataracts using specular reflection appearance
R Supriyanti, H Habe, M Kidode, S Nagata
Medical Imaging 2008: Computer-Aided Diagnosis 6915, 69152Z, 2008
Extracting Appearance Information inside the Pupil for Cataract Screening.
R Supriyanti, H Habe, M Kidode, S Nagata
MVA, 342-345, 2009
Compact cataract screening system: Design and practical data acquisition
R Supriyanti, H Habe, M Kidode, S Nagata
International Conference on Instrumentation, Communication, Information …, 2009
Separability filter for localizing abnormal pupil: Identification of input image
R Supriyanti, E Pranata, Y Ramadhani, TI Rosanti
Telkomnika 11 (4), 783, 2013
Performance analysis of different modulation techniques for free-space optical communication system
H Zhang, H Li, X Dongya, C Chao
Telkomnika 13 (3), 880, 2015
Cataract Screening by Specular Reflection and Texture Analysis
R Supriyanti, H Habe, M Kidode, S Nagata
Communications of SIWN 6, 59-64, 2009
Brightness and Contrast Modification in Ultrasonography Images Using Edge Detection Results
R Supriyanti, Y Ramadhani, HB Widodo, TI Rosanti
Telkomnika 14 (3), 1090-1098, 2016
Point Processing Method for Improving Dental Radiology Image Quality.
R Supriyanti, AS Setiadi, Y Ramadhani, HB Widodo
International Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering (2088-8708) 6 (4), 2016
Simple Screening for High-Risk Pregnancies in Rural Areas Based on an Expert System
R Supriyanti, A Fariz, T Septiana, E Murdyantoro, Y Ramadhani, ...
Telkomnika 13 (2), 661, 2015
Comparing edge detection methods to localize uterus area on ultrasound image
R Supriyanti, DA Putri, E Murdyantoro, HB Widodo
2013 3rd International Conference on Instrumentation, Communications …, 2013
Calculating contrast stretching variables in order to improve dental radiology image quality
HB Widodo, A Soelaiman, Y Ramadhani, R Supriyanti
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 105 (1), 012002, 2016
Detecting Pupil and Iris under Uncontrolled Illumination using Fixed-Hough Circle Transform
R Supriyanti, B Setiawan, HB Widodo, E Murdyantoro
International Journal of Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern …, 2012
The Achievement of Various Shapes of Specular Reflections for Cataract Screening System Based on Digital Images
R Supriyanti, Y Ramadhani
International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology (ICBET …, 2011
Adaptive Resource Allocation Algorithm in Wireless Access Network
Z Liu, Y Shen, Z Yu, F Qin, Q Chen
TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing, Electrnonics and Control) 14 (3 …, 2016
Cataract Screening using Reflection on Eye Lens
R Supriyanti, H Habe, M Kidode, S Nagata
Symposium of Sensing via Image Information (SSII), 2008
Computer Aided Diagnosis for Screening the Shape and Size of Leukocyte Cell Nucleus based on Morphological Image.
R Supriyanti, A Chrisanty, Y Ramadhani, W Siswandari
International Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering (2088-8708) 8 (1), 2018
Contour Detection of Leukocyte Cell Nucleus Using Morphological Image
R Supriyanti, GP Satrio, Y Ramadhani, W Siswandari
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 824 (1), 012069, 2017
Blood Pressure Mobile Monitoring for Pregnant Woman Based Android System
R Supriyanti, U Erfayanto, Y Ramadani, E Murdyantoro, HB Widodo
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 105 (1), 012048, 2016
Optimization of power system scheduling based on SCEM-UA algorithm
ZY Qiang, FP Wu, JR Dong, RD Heng
Telkomnika 13 (2), 413, 2015
Localizing Uterus Region from Low-Resolution Ultrasonography Device Using Template Matching Method
R Supriyanti, IA Pradana, E Murdyantoro, HB Widodo
Int. J. Biosci. Biochem. Bioinforma 4 (5), 304-311, 2014
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