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Timing of surgery following SARS‐CoV‐2 infection: an international prospective cohort study
COVIDSurg Collaborative, GlobalSurg Collaborative, D Nepogodiev, ...
Anaesthesia 76 (6), 748-758, 2021
Pattern of cytokine (IL-6 and IL-10) level as inflammation and anti-inflammation mediator of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) in polytrauma
HB Sapan, I Paturusi, I Jusuf, I Patellongi, MN Massi, AD Pusponegoro, ...
International journal of burns and trauma 6 (2), 37, 2016
Healing of fractures in osteoporotic rat mandible shown by the expression of bone morphogenetic protein-2 and tumour necrosis factor-α
AAS Islam, L Rasubala, H Yoshikawa, Y Shiratsuchi, M Ohishi
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 43 (5), 383-391, 2005
Ki-67 expression by immunohistochemistry and quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction as predictor of clinical response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced …
P Prihantono, M Hatta, C Binekada, D Sampepajung, H Haryasena, ...
Journal of oncology 2017, 2017
Expression of mRNA IL-17F and sIL-17F in atopic asthma patients
M Hatta, EE Surachmanto, AA Islam, S Wahid
BMC research notes 10 (1), 1-5, 2017
Comparison of the healing process in plated and non-plated fractures of the mandible in rats
L Rasubala, H Yoshikawa, AAS Islam, K Nagata, T Iijima, M Ohishi
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 42 (4), 315-322, 2004
Interleukin-6 and interleukin-10 plasma levels and mRNA expression in polytrauma patients
HB Sapan, I Paturusi, AA Islam, I Yusuf, I Patellongi, MN Massi, ...
Chinese journal of traumatology 20 (6), 318-322, 2017
Role of CAPE in reducing oxidative stress in animal models with traumatic brain injury
RA Nasution, AA Islam, M Hatta, A Turchan, M Faruk
Annals of Medicine and Surgery 57, 118-122, 2020
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for second-degree burn healing: an experimental study in rabbits
MJ Hatibie, AA Islam, M Hatta, Y Moenadjat, RH Susilo, L Rendy
Advances in skin & wound care 32 (3), 1, 2019
Immunomodulatory effect of orally red fruit (Pandanus conoideus) extract on the expression of CC chemokine receptor 5 mRNA in HIV patients with antiretroviral therapy
T Tambaip, MB Karo, M Hatta, R Dwiyanti, R Natzir, MN Massi, AA Islam, ...
J. Immunol 11 (1), 15-21, 2018
Systemic lidocaine inhibits high-mobility group box 1 messenger ribonucleic acid expression and protein in BALB/c mice after closed fracture musculoskeletal injury
RH Sirait, M Hatta, M Ramli, AA Islam, SK Arief
Saudi journal of anaesthesia 12 (3), 395, 2018
Faktor-faktor yang berhubungan dengan ketepatan waktutanggap penanganan kasus pada response time I di Instalasi Gawat Darurat Bedah dan Non-Bedah RSUP DR
W Sabriyati, AA Islam, S Gaus
Wahidin Sudirohusodo [dissertation]. Makasar: Universitas Hasanuddin, 2012
Decreased neutrophil levels in mice with traumatic brain injury after cape administration
RA Nasution, AA Islam, M Hatta
Annals of Medicine and Surgery 54, 89-92, 2020
The effect of snakehead fish (Channa striata) extract capsule to the albumin serum level of post-operative neurosurgery patients
RM Rosyidi, B Priyanto, AA Islam, M Hatta, A Bukhari
Biomedical & Pharmacology Journal 12 (2), 893, 2019
Effects of platelet-rich plasma and carbonated hydroxyapatite combination on cranial defect Bone Regeneration: An animal study
MC Oley, AA Islam, M Hatta, M Hardjo, L Nirmalasari, L Rendy, ID Ana, ...
Wound medicine 21, 12-15, 2018
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the healing of thermal burns and its relationship with ICAM-1: a case-control study
MH Oley, MC Oley, DMR Aling, JA Kalangi, AA Islam, M Hatta, ...
Annals of Medicine and Surgery 61, 104-109, 2021
Modification of the Marmarou model in developing countries
RA Nasution, AA Islam, M Hatta, C Kaelan, J Poniman, H Wangi
Annals of Medicine and Surgery 57, 109-113, 2020
Association between asthma control and Interleukin-17F expression levels in adult patients with atopic asthma
EE Surachmanto, M Hatta, AA Islam, S Wahid
Saudi medical journal 39 (7), 662, 2018
Combination of platelet rich plasma and stromal vascular fraction on the level of vascular endothelial growth factor in rat subjects experiencing deep dermal burn injury
SR Laidding, F Josh, S Battung, A Bukhari, IJ Patellongi, MN Massi, ...
Annals of Medicine and Surgery 64, 102254, 2021
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the healing process of foot ulcers in diabetic type 2 patients marked by interleukin 6, vascular endothelial growth factor, and PEDIS score: a …
MH Oley, MC Oley, DE Tjandra, SW Sedu, ERN Sumarauw, DMR Aling, ...
International Journal of Surgery Open 27, 154-161, 2020
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