Dr Jibrail Bin Yusuf
Dr Jibrail Bin Yusuf
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Al-Zarnūjī’s Concept of Knowledge (‘Ilm)
M Huda, JB Yusuf, KA Jasmi, GN Zakaria
SAGE Open 6 (3), 1-12, 2016
Ethical implications of sales promotion in Ghana: Islamic perspective
J Bin Yusuf
Journal of Islamic marketing 1 (3), 220-230, 2010
Understanding Comprehensive Learning Requirements in the Light of al-Zarnūjī’s Taʻlīm al-Mutaʻallim
M Huda, JB Yusuf, KA Jasmi, GN Zakaria
SAGE Open 6 (4), 1-14, 2016
Islamic Economics and the Relevance of al-Qawā‘id al-Fiqhiyyah
D.A. Mustafa, H.A. Abdulsalam, J.B. Yusuf
SAGE Open 6 (4), pp.1-11, 2016
Contraception and Sexual and Reproductive Awareness Among Ghanaian Muslim Youth
JB Yusuf
SAGE Open 4 (3), 1-13, 2014
Time, knowledge, and the clash of civilisations: An Islamic approach
JB Yusuf, HA Abdulsalam
Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies 1 (1), 46-58, 2011
Islamic microfinancing by the banking sector of Pakistan: Problems and solutions
M Ayaz, HS Shah, S Shaheen, JB Yusuf
University of Cape Coast, 2019
Understanding Comprehensive Learning Requirements in the Light of al-Zarnuji's" Ta'lim al-Muta'allim".
M Huda, JB Yusuf, K Azmi Jasmi, GN Zakaria
SAGE Open 6 (4), n4, 2016
Islam and Traditions in Africa: Friends or Foes?
JB Yusuf
Abibisem: Journal of African Culture & Civilization 5, 88-119, 2013
Islamic/Arabic names and their implications for cultural identity in Ghana
JB Yusuf, Y Dumbe
Oguaa Journal of Religion and Human Values 6 (3), 38-72, 2022
Why Islam did not make significant impact on Asante during the 18th and the 19th Centuries
JB Yusuf, VA Appiah
The Asante World, 151-166, 2021
Interest-free banking and finance in Brunei Darussalam: Present realities and future prospects
JB Yusuf, HS Shah, M Ayaz, JM Buaben
6th ASEAN Universities International Conference on Islamic Finance (6th …, 2018
Dupuis’ discourse on Asante in the 19th century: An evaluation of the Islamic themes in Journal of a Residence in Ashantee (1824)
JB Yusuf
The Asante World, 129-150, 2021
From Hebrew ‘Slave’ to Arabian ‘Sage’: Linking the Jewish and Muslim Narratives in the Story of Hagar, the African in Pre-Islamic Arab History
JB Yusuf
Claremont Journal of Religion 4 (2), pp.1-33, 2017
Islamic Religious Identity in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan
JB Yusuf, A Boletbekova, JM Buaben, H Shakeel
International Journal of Islamic Khazanah 13 (2), 124-141, 2023
Mass media and Islamic religious propagation (da’wah) in Kyrgyzstan
JB Yusuf, A Boletbekova
Abha'th 7 (28), 2022
Interest-Free Banking and Finance in Brunei Darussalam: Present Realities and Future Prospects
JB Yusuf, HS Shah, M Ayaz, JM Buaben
Journal Islamic Finance (Special Issue) 7, 76 – 89, 2019
Legal and Corporate Governance Framework for Islamic Banks in Pakistan
M Ayaz, HS Shah, JB Yusuf
Islamic Banking and Finance Review, 5, 24-37., 2018
A Historical Reflection on Womanhood in Islam
JB Yusuf
BJASS 12 (1), 89-110, 2013
Muslim Leadership in Ghana: A Critical Analysis
JB Yusuf
Scottish Journal of Arts, Social Sciences and Scientific Studies 5, 14-27, 2012
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