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Industry 4.0: A solution towards technology challenges of sustainable business performance
M Haseeb, HI Hussain, B Ślusarczyk, K Jermsittiparsert
Social Sciences 8 (5), 154, 2019
Environmental sustainability and its growth in Malaysia by elaborating the green economy and environmental efficiency
A Kasayanond, R Umam, K Jermsittiparsert
International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy 9 (5), 465, 2019
Risk-based stochastic scheduling of energy hub system in the presence of heating network and thermal energy management
MW Tian, AG Ebadi, K Jermsittiparsert, M Kadyrov, A Ponomarev, ...
Applied Thermal Engineering 159, 113825, 2019
Power (Lessness) of the state in globalisation Era: Empirical proposals on determination of domestic paddy price in Thailand
K Jermsittiparsert, T Sriyakul, S Rodboonsong
Asian Social Science 9 (17), 209, 2013
A Comparative Study of the Administration of Primary Education between the Provincial Administration Organisation and the Office of the Basic Education Commission in Thailand
K Jermsittiparsert, T Sriyakul, C Pamornmast, S Rodboonsong, ...
The Social Sciences 11 (21), 5104-5110, 2016
System identification of PEM fuel cells using an improved Elman neural network and a new hybrid optimization algorithm
D Yu, Y Wang, H Liu, K Jermsittiparsert, N Razmjooy
Energy Reports 5, 1365-1374, 2019
Risk-constrained stochastic optimization of a concentrating solar power plant
D Yu, AG Ebadi, K Jermsittiparsert, NH Jabarullah, MV Vasiljeva, ...
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 2019
Behavior of Tourism Industry under the Situation of Environmental Threats and Carbon Emission: Time Series Analysis from Thailand
K Jermsittiparsert, T Chankoson
International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy 9 (6), 366-372, 2019
Fear of Crime among People in Muang-Ake, Lak-Hok, Muang, Pathumthani
K Jermsittiparsert, J Trimek, A Vivatthanaporn
The Social Sciences 10 (1), 24-30, 2015
Methods for the direct synthesis of thioesters from aldehydes: a focus review
NH Jabarullah, K Jermsittiparsert, PA Melnikov, A Maseleno, ...
Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 41 (1), 96-115, 2020
Risk-averse stochastic operation of a power system integrated with hydrogen storage system and wind generation in the presence of demand response program
D Yu, J Wang, D Li, K Jermsittiparsert, S Nojavan
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (59), 31204-31215, 2019
Fear of Crime among Students of Kalasin Rajabhat University
K Jermsittiparsert, N Akahat
Research Journal of Applied Sciences 11 (2), 54-61, 2016
Minimum Wage and Country's Economic Competitiveness: An Empirical Discourse Analysis
K Jermsittiparsert, T Sriyakul, C Pamornmast
The Social Sciences 9 (4), 244-250, 2014
Effect of Cultural Traits, Leadership Styles and Commitment to Change on Supply Chain Operational Excellence
T Sriyakul, A Singsa, J Sutduean, K Jermsittiparsert
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 16 (7), 2967-2974, 2019
Do consumers expect companies to be socially responsible? The impact of corporate social responsibility on buying behavior
K Jermsittiparsert, M Siam, M Issa, U Ahmed, M Pahi
Uncertain Supply Chain Management 7 (4), 741-752, 2019
Interaction of thermal cycling and electric current on reliability of solder joints in different solder balls
Y Jiao, K Jermsittiparsert, AY Krasnopevtsev, QA Yousif, M Salmani
Materials Research Express 6 (10), 106302, 2019
Supply Chain Integration, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Organizational Performance: The Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation Approach
J Sutduean, A Singsa, T Sriyakul, K Jermsittiparsert
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 16 (7), 2975-2981, 2019
Energy Risk Management and Cost of Economic Production Biodiesel Project
S Romprasert, K Jermsittiparsert
International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy 9 (6), 349-357, 2019
An Empirical Discourse Analysis on Correlations between Exchange Rate and Industrial Product Export
K Jermsittiparsert, C Pamornmast, T Sriyakul
International Business Management 8 (5), 295-300, 2014
Determinants of Supply Chain Employees Safety Behaviours
K Jermsittiparsert, T Sriyakul, J Sutduean, A Singsa
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 16 (7), 2959-2966, 2019
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