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Snakes and ghosts in a parity-time-symmetric chain of dimers
H Susanto, R Kusdiantara, N Li, OB Kirikchi, D Adzkiya, ERM Putri, ...
Physical Review E 97 (6), 062204, 2018
Comparison of LQG and adaptive PID Controller for USV heading control
T Asfihani, DK Arif, FP Putra, MA Firmansyah
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1218 (1), 012058, 2019
Ship heading control of corvette-sigma with disturbances using model predictive control
S Subchan, WH Syaifudin, T Asfihani
Far East Journal of Applied Mathematics 87 (3), 245, 2014
Disturbance compensating model predictive control for warship heading control in missile firing mission
H Purnawan, T Asfihani, D Adzkiya
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1108 (1), 012035, 2018
The missile guidance estimation using extended kalman filter-unknown input-without direct feedthrough (ekf-ui-wdf) method
S Subchan, T Asfihani
Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 1-14, 2013
Loosely Coupled GNSS and IMU Integration for Accurate i-Boat Horizontal Navigation.
MN Cahyadi, T Asfihani, R Mardiyanto, R Erfianti
International Journal of Geoinformatics 18 (3), 2022
Steering angle control of car for dubins path-tracking using model predictive control
DKR Putri, T Asfihani
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 974 (1), 012066, 2018
Dubins Path Tracking Controller of USV using Model Predictive Control in Sea Field
T Asfihani, S Subchan, DM Rosyid, A Sulisetyono
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 14 (20), 7778-7787, 2019
Modified Kalman filter-based model predictive control for ship heading control with probabilistic constraints
S Subchan, A Maulana Syafii, T Asfihani, D Adzkiya
Systems Science & Control Engineering 9 (1), 109-116, 2021
Leveraging digital twins for fault diagnosis in autonomous ships
A Hasan, T Asfihani, O Osen, RT Bye
Ocean Engineering 292, 116546, 2024
Performance of GPS and IMU sensor fusion using unscented Kalman filter for precise i-Boat navigation in infinite wide waters
MN Cahyadi, T Asfihani, R Mardiyanto, R Erfianti
Geodesy and Geodynamics 14 (3), 265-274, 2023
Estimation of the corvette SIGMA motion in missile firing mission
T Asfihani, S Subchan, D Adzkiya, DM Rosyid, H Pumawan, R Kamilah
Instrumentation, Control, and Automation (ICA), 2017 5th International …, 2017
On the Lagrange interpolation of Fibonacci sequence
MS Mufid, T Asfihani, L Hanafi
(IJCSAM) International Journal of Computing Science and Applied Mathematics …, 2016
GNSS/IMU Sensor Fusion Performance Comparison of a Car Localization in Urban Environment Using Extended Kalman Filter
R Erfianti, T Asfihani, HF Suhandri
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 1127 (1), 012006, 2023
Ship Heading Control Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
T Asfihani, K Chotimah, I Fitria, S Subchan
2020 3rd International Seminar on Research of Information Technology and …, 2020
Estimation of hydrodynamic coefficients using unscented kalman filter and recursive least square
S Subchan, RW Ismail, T Asfihani, D Adzkiya
2019 IEEE 11th International Workshop on Computational Intelligence and …, 2019
Analisis Model Lintasan Nanopartikel Magnet pada Pembuluh Darah di dalam Medan Magnet dengan Metode Runge Kutta Orde Ke-empat
MT Asfihani, H Hastuti, C Imron
Limits: Journal of Mathematics and Its Applications 13 (1), 1-10, 2016
Design control of surface marine vehicle using disturbance compensating model predictive control (DC-MPC)
S Cahyaningtias, T Asfihani, S Subchan
BAREKENG: J. Il. Mat. & Ter 15 (1), 167-178, 2021
Model predictive control in optimizing stock portfolio based on stock prediction data using Holt-Winter’s exponential smoothing
CS Agustina, T Asfihani, RR Ginting, S Subchan
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1821 (1), 012030, 2021
Trajectory Tracking of Coordinated Multi-Robot Systems using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
H Purnawan, S Subchan, D Adzkiya, T Asfihani
Nonlinear Dynamics and System Theory 21 (3), 303-314, 2021
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