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Kurnia Lahna .
Optical and Laser Applications, Syiah Kuala University
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Detection of density jump in laser-induced shock wave plasma using a rainbow refractometer
H Kurniawan, K Lahna, TJ Lie, K Kagawa, MO Tjia
Applied Spectroscopy 55 (1), 92-97, 2001
The role of He in enhancing the intensity and lifetime of H and D emissions from laser-induced atmospheric-pressure plasma
KH Kurniawan, TJ Lie, MM Suliyanti, R Hedwig, M Pardede, M Ramli, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (10), 103303, 2009
Formation and emission characteristics of CN molecules in laser induced low pressure He plasma and its applications to N analysis in coal and fossilization study
K Lahna, R Idroes, N Idris, SN Abdulmadjid, KH Kurniawan, MO Tjia, ...
Applied optics 55 (7), 1731-1737, 2016
Food analysis employing high energy nanosecond laser and low pressure He ambient gas
R Hedwig, K Lahna, R Idroes, I Karnadi, I Tanra, J Iqbal, D Kwaria, ...
Microchemical Journal 147, 356-364, 2019
Application of picosecond laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to quantitative analysis of boron in meatballs and other biological samples
R Hedwig, K Lahna, ZS Lie, M Pardede, KH Kurniawan, MO Tjia, ...
Applied optics 55 (32), 8986-8992, 2016
Study on emission spectral lines of iron, Fe in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) on soil samples
N Idris, K Lahna, M Ramli
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 846 (1), 012020, 2017
Evidence of feasible hardness test on Mars using ratio of ionic/neutral emission intensities measured with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in low pressure CO2 ambient gas
SN Abdulmadjid, M Pardede, H Suyanto, M Ramli, K Lahna, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (16), 163304, 2016
Intensity distributions of enhanced H emission from laser-induced low-pressure He plasma and a suggested He-assisted excitation mechanism
ZS Lie, M Pardede, R Hedwig, MM Suliyanti, E Steven, Maliki, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (4), 043303, 2009
Suppression of self-absorption in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy using a double pulse orthogonal configuration to create vacuum-like conditions in atmospheric air pressure
I Karnadi, M Pardede, I Tanra, R Hedwig, AM Marpaung, ZS Lie, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-9, 2020
Underlying physical process for the unusual spectral quality of double pulse laser spectroscopy in He gas
M Pardede, E Jobiliong, K Lahna, R Idroes, H Suyanto, AM Marpaung, ...
Analytical chemistry 91 (12), 7864-7870, 2019
Practical and highly sensitive elemental analysis for aqueous samples containing metal impurities employing electrodeposition on indium-tin oxide film samples and laser-induced …
KH Kurniawan, M Pardede, R Hedwig, SN Abdulmadjid, K Lahna, N Idris, ...
Applied optics 54 (25), 7592-7597, 2015
Shock wave plasma generation in low pressure ambient gas from powder sample using subtarget supported micro mesh as a sample holder and its potential applications for sensitive …
J Iqbal, M Pardede, E Jobiliong, R Hedwig, M Ramli, A Khumaeni, ...
Microchemical Journal 142, 108-116, 2018
Excitation mechanisms in 1 mJ picosecond laser induced low pressure He plasma and the resulting spectral quality enhancement
N Idris, K Lahna, SN Abdulmadjid, M Ramli, H Suyanto, AM Marpaung, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (22), 223301, 2015
Quantitative and sensitive analysis of CN molecules using laser induced low pressure He plasma
M Pardede, R Hedwig, SN Abdulmadjid, K Lahna, N Idris, E Jobiliong, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (11), 113302, 2015
Direct Evidence of Laser-Induced Shock Wave Plasma From Organic Targets in Low Pressure He Ambient Gas, Showing The Effect of Target Hardness on Its Propagation Speed and The …
K Lahna, M Pardede, KH Kurniawan, K Kagawa, MO Tjia
Applied Optics 56 (Optical Society of America), 9876-9881, 2017
A comparative study of emission efficiencies in low-pressure argon plasmas induced by picosecond and nanosecond Nd: YAG lasers
AM Marpaung, M Ramli, R Idroes, H Suyanto, K Lahna, SN Abdulmadjid, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 55 (11), 116101, 2016
Temperature estimation using Boltzmann plot method of many calcium emission lines in laser plasma produced on river clamshell sample
N Idris, TN Usmawanda, K Lahna, M Ramli
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1120 (1), 012098, 2018
Utilization of GSM Module (Sim 900) Based Arduino-Uno for Alarm System and Remote Automatic Door Locking
F Fauzi, M Mahyuddin, K Lahna
Journal Of Aceh Physics Society 7 (1), 35-38, 2018
Underlying physical processes for time dependent variations of He triplet and singlet intensities in laser-induced He plasma
E Jobiliong, M Pardede, R Hedwig, I Karnadi, I Tanra, ZS Lie, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 127 (24), 243303, 2020
Preliminary panoramic study of river calm muscle using neodymium: yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Nd: YAG) laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
N Idris, K Lahna, TN Usmawanda, M Ramli, R Hedwig, AM Marpaung, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1011 (1), 012057, 2018
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