Udayana Journal of Law and Culture
Udayana Journal of Law and Culture
Faculty of Law, Udayana University
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Positioning adat law in the Indonesia’s legal system: Historical discourse and current development on customary law
BB Priambodo
Udayana Journal of Law and Culture 2 (2), 140-164, 2018
Indigenous people, economic development and sustainable tourism: A comparative analysis between Bali, Indonesia and Australia
PT Dwijayanthi, K Jones, N Satyawati
Udayana Journal of law and Culture 1 (1), 16-30, 2017
Does Customary Law Discriminate Balinese Women’s Inheritance Rights?’
HC Ndun, S Suttor, IGAAD Widhiyaastuti
Udayana Journal of Law and Culture 2 (1), 97-114, 2018
Psycho-cultural perspective on the formation of entrepreneurial culture of Minangkabau tribe in West Sumatra Indonesia
H Rahman, S Oktavia, E Besra
Udayana Journal of Law ad Culture 3 (1), 53-77, 2019
Human Rights and the Environmental Protection: The Naďveté in Environmental Culture
MAA Wisadha, GA Widyaningsih
Udayana Journal of Law and Culture 2 (1), 73-96, 2018
Religious Tolerance in Multicultural Communities: Towards a Comprehensive Approach in Handling Social Conflict
A Suradi, J Kenedi, B Surahman
Udayana Journal of Law and Culture 4 (2), 229-245, 2020
Weighting Approaches on Online Sexual Abuse of Children: Cultural Prevention or Crime-Based Enforcement?
A Sofian, B Pratama, C Talerico
Udayana Journal of Law and Culture, 2 (2), 191 193, 2018
The Strategic Role of Lembaga Adat Negeri in the Fulfilment of Victims’ Rights to Reparation in Post-Conflict Ambon
YTN Dewi, J Kwik, A Watloly
Udayana Journal of Law and Culture 1 (2), 157-180, 2017
Data Profiling and Elections: Has Data-Driven Political Campaign Gone Too Far?
AY Karunian, H Halme, AM Söderholm
Economic Perspectives 28 (2), 6, 2014
Knitting the Future Story of Indian Women: Preventing Violence, Fostering Development, and Accelerating Empowerment
PS Ramteke
Udayana Journal of Law and culture 1, 98-120, 2017
Judicial activism in Brazil’s constitutional court: Studies in the recognition of Brazilian indigenous tenure rights
AL Berardinelli
Udayana Journal of Law and Culture 1 (1), 1-15, 2017
Do Indonesian Laws and Policies on Covid-19 Countermeasures Action Reflect Legality?
IMA Utama
Human Rights Review 11 (3), 378, 2010
Incorporating Local Wisdom into the consumer Protection Legal regime: a comparison between Indonesia and australia
IGNP Widiatedja
Organization 58, 103, 2004
Protecting the Village Credit Institution: Should Traditional Communities Adopt Modern Financial Management Practices?
LPYK Putri, EG Withnall
After the Trade Dispute: Is Indonesian Food Sovereignty Threatened?
K Sarna, N Ismail, H Supriyono
Udayana J. Law Cult. 4, 171, 2020
Regulating Indigenous Culture as a Tourism Economic Resource
MSPD Salain, D Isles, IGN Wairocana
Udayana Jour-nal of Law and Culture, 1 (2), 2017
What Indonesia Should Learn from China's Social Credit System?: Measuring Government Authorities and Citizen’s Privacy Rights
CICD Padmananda, IN Suyatna
Washington Post, 2019
Indigenous Collaborative Governance: An Understanding of Decision-Making Process at Desa Adat in Bali, Indonesia
MPW Sutaryantha, B Kusumasari
American Review of Public Administration 48 (4), 359-373, 2018
The Reasonable Person for Our Time for Reasonableness in a Heterogeneous Society
C Divakaran
Reparating Women’s Rights Violation Within Aceh Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)
MYA Kadir
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