Rahmah Fithriani
Rahmah Fithriani
Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara
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Discrimination behind nest and nnest dichotomy in elt pofesionalism
R Fithriani
KnE Social Sciences, 741–755-741–755, 2018
Using Facebook in EFL writing class: Its effectiveness from students’ perspective
R Fithriani, U Dewi, SH Daulay, M Salmiah, W Fransiska
KnE Social Sciences, 634–645-634–645, 2019
Cultural Influences on Students’ Perceptions of Written Feedback in L2 Writing
R Fithriani
Journal of Foreign Language Teaching & Learning 3 (1), 1-13, 2018
Communicative Game-based Learning in EFL Grammar Class: Suggested Activities and Students' Perception
R Fithriani
JEELS (Journal of English Education and Linguitsics Studies) 5 (2), 171-188, 2018
Indonesian Students' Perceptions of Written Feedback in Second Language Writing
R Fithriani
Integrating online blogging into EFL writing instruction: Exploring students’ perceptions
R Fithriani, T Rafida, A Siahaan
UNNES International Conference on English Language Teaching, Literature, and …, 2019
Indonesian students’ perceptions of written feedback in second language writing (Doctoral Dissertation)
R Fithriani
English Grammar
R Fithriani
Bandung: Citapustaka Media Perintis, 2010
Suggesting Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving Method into Teaching English Reading to EFL Students in Indonesia
I Sadri, R Fithriani, Saidurrahman, M Salmiah, S Hamidah
KnE Social Sciences, 294–304-294–304, 2019
ZPD and the benefits of written feedback in L2 writing: Focusing on students’ perceptions
R Fithriani
The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal 19 (1), 63-73, 2019
English Grammar
F Rahmah
Medan: Ciptapustaka Media Perintis, 2010
Grammatical Errors in Madrasah Aliyah Students’ Narrative Texts: An Error Analysis of the Surface Strategy
R Fithriani
Ta'dib 25 (1), 6-20, 2020
A Contrastive Analysis of Indonesian and Arabic Phonetics
S Nasution, R Fithriani, M Syahnan, I Harahap, S Syafaruddin, W Qarni
Nurturing students’ mental health through Islamic counseling guidance in Pesantren Musthafawiyah,
L Lubis, SA Lubis, N Darmayanti, R Fithriani, D Lubis, MSA & Lubis
The 1st International Conference on Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary …, 2019
Verbal and Nonverbal Factors Influencing the Success of Da’wah Communication By Ustadz Abdul Somad
W Qarni, M Syahnan, I Harahap, S Nasution, R Fithriani
KnE Social Sciences, 804–812-804–812, 2019
Task-based Language Teaching in Grammar Instruction: A Literature Review
R Fithriani
Inteligensia: Jurnal Studi Keislaman 4 (1), 67-79, 2018
Using the Hello English Application in the EFL Classroom: Its Efficacy in Helping Students to Master Vocabulary
RSB Ginting, R Fithriani
KnE Social Sciences, 592-600, 2021
Poetry Writing in EFL Classrooms: Learning from Indonesian Students’ Strategies
R Fithriani
KnE Social Sciences, 59-75, 2021
English Courses for Students of Islamic Economics: What Do They Really Need?
M Ridwan, R Fithriani, W Fransiska, C Batubara
KnE Social Sciences, 425-436, 2021
Digital Literacy in the Post-Truth Era: Employing Fact-Checking Applications in Adult EFL Reading Classes
M Ikhsan, R Fithriani, A Habibi, M Ridwan, I Rusydi, AA Sipahutar, ...
KnE Social Sciences, 468-481, 2021
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