Muhammad Miftahul Munir
Muhammad Miftahul Munir
Associate Professor of Instrumentation, Aerosol and Material Physics, Institut Teknologi Bandung
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Scaling law on particle-to-fiber formation during electrospinning
MM Munir, AB Suryamas, F Iskandar, K Okuyama
Polymer 50 (20), 4935-4943, 2009
Optical and electrical properties of indium tin oxide nanofibers prepared by electrospinning
MM Munir, F Iskandar, KM Yun, K Okuyama, M Abdullah
Nanotechnology 19 (14), 145603, 2008
Intense green and yellow emissions from electrospun BCNO phosphor nanofibers
AB Suryamas, MM Munir, T Ogi, Khairurrijal, K Okuyama
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Self-assembly of colloidal nanoparticles inside charged droplets during spray-drying in the fabrication of nanostructured particles
A Suhendi, ABD Nandiyanto, MM Munir, T Ogi, L Gradon, K Okuyama
Langmuir 29 (43), 13152-13161, 2013
Intermolecular interactions and the release pattern of electrospun curcumin-polyvinyl (pyrrolidone) fiber
A Rahma, MM Munir, A Prasetyo, V Suendo, H Rachmawati
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 39 (2), 163-173, 2016
High performance electrospinning system for fabricating highly uniform polymer nanofiber
MM Munir, F Iskandar, Khairurrijal, K Okuyama
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A constant-current electrospinning system for production of high quality nanofibers
MM Munir, F Iskandar, Khairurrijal, K Okuyama
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Patterned indium tin oxide nanofiber films and their electrical and optical performance
MM Munir, H Widiyandari, F Iskandar, K Okuyama
Nanotechnology 19 (37), 375601, 2008
Correlation between structures and antioxidant activities of polyvinylpyrrolidone/Garcinia mangostana L. extract composite nanofiber mats prepared using electrospinning
I Sriyanti, D Edikresnha, A Rahma, MM Munir, H Rachmawati, ...
Journal of Nanomaterials 2017, 2017
Indium tin oxide nanofiber film electrode for high performance dye sensitized solar cells
F Iskandar, AB Suryamas, M Kawabe, MM Munir, K Okuyama, T Tarao, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 49 (1R), 010213, 2010
Mangosteen pericarp extract embedded in electrospun PVP nanofiber mats: physicochemical properties and release mechanism of α-mangostin
I Sriyanti, AR Dhewa Edikresnha, MM Munir, H Rachmawati, K Khairurrijal
International journal of nanomedicine 13, 4927, 2018
Encapsulation of β-carotene in poly (vinylpyrrolidone)(PVP) by Electrospinning Technique
RP Reksamunandar, D Edikresnha, MM Munir, S Damayanti, ...
Procedia engineering 170, 19-23, 2017
Polyvinyl alcohol/soursop leaves extract composite nanofibers synthesized using electrospinning technique and their potential as antibacterial wound dressing
NM Aruan, I Sriyanti, D Edikresnha, T Suciati, MM Munir, K Khairurrijal
Procedia engineering 170, 31-35, 2017
Photoluminescent and crystalline properties of phosphor nanofibers prepared by electrospinning
AB Suryamas, MM Munir, F Iskandar, K Okuyama
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (6), 064311, 2009
Air filtration media from electrospun waste high-impact polystyrene fiber membrane
A Zulfi, MM Munir, DA Hapidin, A Rajak, D Edikresnha, F Iskandar, ...
Materials Research Express 5 (3), 035049, 2018
Electrospun Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Nanofiber Mats Loaded by Garcinia mangostana L. Extracts
I Sriyanti, D Edikresnha, MM Munir, H Rachmawati, K Khairurrijal
Materials Science Forum 880, 11-14, 2017
A simple microcontroller-based current electrometer made from LOG112 and C8051F006 for measuring current in metal–oxide–semiconductor devices
Khairurrijal, M Abdullah, A Suhendi, MM Munir, A Surachman
Measurement Science and Technology 18 (9), 3019, 2007
Aerosol chamber characterization for commercial particulate matter (PM) sensor evaluation
DA Hapidin, C Saputra, DS Maulana, MM Munir, K Khairurrijal
Aerosol and Air Quality Research 19 (1), 181-194, 2019
Preparation of agglomeration-free spherical hollow silica particles using an electrospray method with colloidal templating
A Suhendi, AB Nandiyanto, MM Munir, T Ogi, K Okuyama
Materials Letters 106, 432-435, 2013
Control of cone-jet geometry during electrospray by an electric current
A Suhendi, MM Munir, AB Suryamas, ABD Nandiyanto, T Ogi, K Okuyama
Advanced Powder Technology 24 (2), 532-536, 2013
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