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Rolly Maulana Awangga
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Qualitative Evaluation of RFID Implementation on Warehouse Management System.
SF Pane, RM Awangga, BR Azhari
Telkomnika 16 (3), 2018
Colenak: GPS tracking model for post-stroke rehabilitation program using AES-CBC URL encryption and QR-Code
RM Awangga, N Siti Fathonah, T Irmayadi Hasanudin
Information Technology, Information Systems and Electrical Engineering …, 2017
K Means Clustering and Meanshift Analysis for Grouping the Data of Coal Term in Puslitbang tekMIRA.
RM Awangga, SF Pane, K Tunnisa, IS Suwardi
Telkomnika 16 (3), 2018
Improving togaf adm 9.1 migration planning phase by ITIL v3 service transition
NH Harani, AA Arman, RM Awangga
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1007 (1), 012036, 2018
Ontology design of influential people identification using centrality
RM Awangga, M Yusril, H Setyawan
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1007 (1), 012012, 2018
A quantization of deep belief networks for long short-term memory in sleep stage detection
IN Yulita, S Purwani, R Rosadi, RM Awangga
Advanced Informatics, Concepts, Theory, and Applications (ICAICTA), 2017 …, 2017
Sampeu: Servicing web map tile service over web map service to increase computation performance
RM Awangga
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 145 (1), 012057, 2018
Peuyeum: A Geospatial URL Encrypted Web Framework Using Advance Encryption Standard-Cipher Block Chaining Mode
RM Awangga
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 145 (1), 012055, 2018
Analysis of Investment IT Planning on Logistic Company Using COBIT 5
SF Pane, RM Awangga, R Nuraini, S Fathonah
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1007 (1), 012051, 2018
RFID-based conveyor belt for improve warehouse operations
SF Pane, RM Awangga, BR Azhari, GR Tartila
Telkomnika 17 (2), 794-800, 2019
Comparison Of Multinomial Naive Bayes Algorithm And Logistic Regression For Intent Classification In Chatbot
MYH Setyawan, RM Awangga, SR Efendi
2018 International Conference on Applied Engineering (ICAE), 1-5, 2018
SQL Collaborative Learning Framework Based on SOA
S Armiati, RM Awangga
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1007 (1), 012035, 2018
KAFA: A novel interoperability open framework to utilize indonesian electronic identity card
RM Awangga, NH Harani, MYH Setyawan
TELKOMNIKA 17 (2), 712-718, 2019
Implementation of web scraping on GitHub task monitoring system.
RM Awangga, SF Pane, R Dwi Astuti
Telkomnika 17 (1), 2019
Collaboration FMADM And K-Means Clustering To Determine The Activity Proposal In Operational Management Activity
RM Awangga, SF Pane, K Tunnisa
EMITTER International Journal of Engineering Technology 7 (1), 44-54, 2019
K-Nearest neighbor algorithm on implicit feedback to determine SOP.
MYH Setyawan, RM Awangga, NA Lestari
Telkomnika 17 (3), 2019
KANSA: high interoperability e-KTP decentralised database network using distributed hash table
RM Awangga, NH Harani, MYH Setyawan
Telkomnika 17 (3), 1360-1366, 2019
Dashboard settings design in SVARA using user-centred design method
MYH Setyawan, RM Awangga, R Afriyanti
TELKOMNIKA 17 (2), 615-619, 2019
Pengantar sistem informasi geografis: SEJARAH, DEFINISI DAN KONSEP DASAR
RM Awangga
Kreatif, 2019
Ontology design based on data family planning field officer using OWL and RDF.
RM Awangga, S Assegaff, SF Pane, MF Kahfi
Telkomnika 17 (1), 2019
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