Muksin Umar
Muksin Umar
Department of Physics, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh Indonesia
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Seismic Vp and Vp/Vs structure of the geothermal area around Tarutung (North Sumatra, Indonesia) derived from local earthquake tomography
U Muksin, K Bauer, C Haberland
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 260, 27-42, 2013
The 2016 Mw 6.5 Pidie Jaya, Aceh, North Sumatra, earthquake: reactivation of an unidentified sinistral fault in a region of distributed deformation
M Muzli, M Umar, AD Nugraha, KE Bradley, S Widiyantoro, K Erbas, ...
Seismological Research Letters 89 (5), 1761-1772, 2018
Three-dimensional upper crustal structure of the geothermal system in Tarutung (North Sumatra, Indonesia) revealed by seismic attenuation tomography
U Muksin, C Haberland, K Bauer, M Weber
Geophysical Journal International 195 (3), 2037-2049, 2013
Detailed fault structure of the Tarutung Pull-Apart Basin in Sumatra, Indonesia, derived from local earthquake data
U Muksin, C Haberland, M Nukman, K Bauer, M Weber
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 96, 123-131, 2014
Ambient seismic noise tomography reveals a hidden caldera and its relation to the Tarutung pull-apart basin at the Sumatran Fault Zone, Indonesia
T Ryberg, U Muksin, K Bauer
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 321, 73-84, 2016
Transient rheology of the oceanic asthenosphere following the 2012 Indian Ocean Earthquake inferred from geodetic data
C Pratama, T Ito, R Sasajima, T Tabei, F Kimata, E Gunawan, Y Ohta, ...
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 147, 50-59, 2017
AcehSeis project provides insights into the detailed seismicity distribution and relation to fault structures in Central Aceh, Northern Sumatra
U Muksin, K Bauer, M Muzli, T Ryberg, I Nurdin, M Masturiyono, M Weber
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 171, 20-27, 2019
AIC-based diffraction stacking for local earthquake locations at the Sumatran Fault (Indonesia)
A Hendriyana, K Bauer, U Muksin, M Weber
Geophysical Journal International 213 (2), 952-962, 2018
Building vulnerability and human loss assessment in different earthquake intensity and time: a case study of the University of the Philippines, Los Baņos (UPLB) Campus
I Rusydy, DV Faustino-Eslava, U Muksin, R Gallardo-Zafra, JJC Aguirre, ...
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 56 (1), 012006, 2017
Post-tsunami survey of the 28 September 2018 tsunami near Palu Bay in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia: Impacts and challenges to coastal communities
M Umar, G Margaglio, A Fitrayansyah
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 38, 101229, 2019
Synthetic accelerogram of modal summation technique and its validation with the Pidie Jaya earthquake data
Irwandi, I Rusydy, U Muksin, A Rudyanto
AIP Conference Proceedings 1987 (1), 020026, 2018
Study on Seismicity and Seismic Tomography on a Hydrothermal System in West Java
AF Akbar, R Ryannugroho, P Jousset, A Gassner, MS Jaya, R Sule, ...
Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2015, 1-5, 2015
Evaluation of the 2012 Indian Ocean coseismic fault model in 3-D heterogeneous structure based on vertical and horizontal GNSS observation
C Pratama, T Ito, T Tabei, F Kimata, E Gunawan, Y Ohta, T Yamashina, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1987 (1), 020011, 2018
Response spectra analysis of the modal summation technique verified by observed seismometer and accelerometer waveform data of the M6. 5 Pidie Jaya Earthquake
I Rusydy, U Muksin, A Rudyanto
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 352 (1), 012026, 2018
Investigation of Aceh Segment and Seulimeum Fault by using seismological data; A preliminary result
U Muksin, I Rusydy, K Erbas, N Ismail
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1011 (1), 012031, 2018
F Mufti, N Ismail, M Umar
Jurnal Natural 17 (2), 122-127, 2017
Seismic tomography and monitoring of magmatic geothermal and natural hydrothermal systems in the south of Bandung, Indonesia
P Jousset, R Sule, W Diningrat, D Syahbana, A Gassner, F Akbar, ...
Proceedings of The World Geothermal Congress 2015, 1-8, 2015
A fault-controlled geothermal system in Tarutung (North Sumatra, Indonesia) investigated by seismological analysis
U Muksin
Exploration of the fault extension using SITES method; Aceh and Seulimeum segments of the Sumatran fault, Indonesia
T Yamashina, M Okubo, T Tabei, U Muksin, N Ismail
AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 2019
Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment after the 6.5 Mw Earthquake on December, 7th 2016 in Pidie Jaya, Indonesia
Y Idris, P Cummins, I Rusydy, U Muksin, Syamsidik, MY Habibie, ...
Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 1-18, 2019
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